Garden Centre Horsham

Gardening Centre

Rushfields Plant Centre is known among its loyal customers as the home of the Garden Centre Horsham residents turn to for all their gardening needs. It took us years to establish this reputation. It didn't come out of nowhere. What is the secret to our local success? We built our reputation as the garden centre Horsham residents can trust by earning the trust of one customer at a time.

Garden Centre

All the partner/owners of our garden centre take a hands on approach in the operation of our garden centre. From the roses we offer, to the many planting materials we specialise in, to the great locally-grown meat flavour on offer at our coffee shop, we take pride in every detail of our garden centre's operations, regardless of how small.

Plant Centre

If you are looking for just the Garden Centre Horsham residents can turn to season after season for just the right supplies, planting material, and other items they need to plant the very best garden they are capable of planting, you only need to visit Rushfields Plant Centre. Your visit will be worth it. We offer the garden Centre Horsham residents have been relying on for years. Profit from our attention to detail. We are committed to the success of your garden. This is why we stock only the very best in planting materials and supplies. If you are tired of getting less than satisfactory results from the items you buy at other garden centres, give us a try today. Be prepared to be surprised by your results.

Garden Centre Horsham  Garden Centre Horsham  Garden Centre Horsham