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A garden trellis is a fantastic decorative feature for any garden. Trellises are ideal for additional screening and security in the garden. Rushfields Plant Centre offers wooden panel trellises in all different sizes. 


Trellises are decorative and functional at the same time. Fix a trellis on the top of a fence panel to help increasing privacy. Or as side panels on a garden arch. Trellises can also be used to provide support for climbing plants. If you want to grow clematis, wisteria, honeysuckle or climbing rose along a wall, a trellis is your best choice. The climbing plant holds on to the spikes of the trellis and grows along the wall. Rushfields Plant Centre offers a selective range of trellises. All of our trellises are dip treated to provide you with the best quality timber to prevent rot and ensure durability. Check out our range and buy a trellis online. If you have any questions, please contact us on 01273 857 445.

Forest trellis

Rushfields Plant Centre offers trellises from the brand Forest Garden. Enhance your garden with high-quality trellises of Forest Garden. A trellis fence adds instant interest to your outdoor space and offers the perfect support for a climbing rose, clematis, honeysuckle or jasmine. Position a trellis on a wall of your house or garden and let climbers fill your walls with colour and scent. The trellises are made from high-quality timber sourced from sustainable forests. We offer different types of trellises in diverse sizes of battens:

  • Diamond
  • Square-edged

Discover both small spaced and thick battens. The spacing of the battens is determinative for which use they’re ideal. Some climbing plants need wider gaps, such as climbing roses. If you don’t know which size battens is best for your garden, please contact us.

Garden trellis - Rushfields

Forest trellis panels

A fence between your garden and your neighbours’ doesn’t have to be boring. To make the most out of your garden trellis panels, we recommend adorning your trellis panels with climbing plants. Create a stunning splash of colour, and let climbers grow along the trellis. Climbing plants such as wisteria create a natural fence between two gardens and make a fantastic look. Forest Garden trellis panels are made from sturdy timber. The products are manufactured by using pressure treated timber to prevent rot and ensure durability.

Garden screening trellis

You pick the right trellis from our webshop. We offer various products. Some of them are ideal for less visibility through the fence, others provide your garden with little privacy because of the wider gaps between the battens., It’s up to you.

Trellises make it possible to still allow sunlight to pass through and are great for lending visual interest to different areas in the garden. Shield the seating area from the vegetable garden and let climbers fill your garden with attractive foliage and stunning flowers. Design your dream garden with trellises from Rushfields Plant Centre’s webshop. Any queries? We are always happy to help our customers. Please contact us on 01273 857 445.

Diamond trellis

There are different shapes of battens available in our webshop. We offer both square-edged and diamond trellises. Square-edged trellises have straight lines and diamond or lattice trellises add style and structure to your garden. 

If you want less visibility through your panels, small diamond holes are perfect. Zone off areas within your garden or shield your patio with more privacy. The diamond structure creates a rustic look in the garden.

Square trellis panels are often used as garden screens or as topper trellis for fencing to add more interest to your garden. The size of the battens decides which plants grow best on your trellis. Find out which plants will fil your trellis with colour, foliage and scent.

Trellis plants

Rushfields Plant Centre offers a wide range of climbers that are suitable to grow along a garden wall. Do you want to grow flowering trellis plants that grow back each year, or do you want to add tons of colour to your garden for just one summer?

  • Vining nasturtium is a versatile and edible climber that gives you stunning yellow or orange flowers during summer.

  • Black-eyed Susan vine is a bright and fantastic full sun adoring climber that equally grows on a trellis.

  • Morning glory is a beautiful annual vine that grows really fast. Perfect for quickly covering trellis panels. Grows best in full sun to partial shade.

  • Climbing roses are cold hardy and will come back year after year. Help climbing roses train along the trellis and tie up the branches on the battens.

  • Wisteria is one of the most famous climbers. Add this one to your shopping list and choose between many different colours available in our garden centre.

  • Ivy definitely produces the most impactful foliage. If you aren’t privileged with a sunny garden, Ivy is your best option! We have various types for you.

Trellis plants - Rushfields

Buy trellis at Rushfields

Rushfields Plant Centre offers various trellises to add more privacy to your garden, to create distinctive areas and to support climbers. Discover our range in the webshop and add your products to your shopping cart. Easily fulfil the payment online and choose for click & collect or delivery at home. We deliver for only £15 within a 10-miles radius from our garden centre. If you have any questions, please contact us.