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Lawn care

Give your lawn the best lawn care with Westland products from Rushfields Plant Centre. Fix gaps, ensure a healthy colour and strong grass with lawn feed. Apply lawn feedings four times a year.

Lawn fertiliser

If you want to improve your lawn's general health and appearance in the UK, you can sue a lawn fertiliser. Ensure your grass gets the right nutrients to stay healthy, green and lush. Our lawn fertilisers contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These ingredients are beneficial to keep your lawn green and lush. Feed your lawn on a regular base, around four times a year.

  • The first feeding takes place in early spring, around March-April.
  • Apply for another one in May.
  • Do this again in July.
  • Finish up in late autumn, from September to November.

Use your hand, or a special lawn fertilise spreader to spread the feeding around your grass. Make sure the lawn is moist when you apply the feeding. This makes feeding absorb better and faster. You can spray liquid fertiliser for lawns onto the lawn directly. Solid fertilisers must be divided on the lawn.

Natural lawn feeding

For households that love their lawn, but don't want to use chemicals due to safety for pets and children, Westland's Child & Pet-friendly SafeLawn is perfect. This 100% organic fertiliser is only made from natural ingredients. This product is made from organic matter. Apply this fertiliser to your lawn and it will break down into the soil to feed the roots. To fill any gaps, add this natural fertiliser and it will create a thicker and lusher green lawn. The fast-acting SafeLawn products from Westland are safe to use with children and pets. You can use this fertiliser all year round. It helps to prevent weed and moss and is enriched with lawn seed to fill up gaps in the grass. 

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Lawn feed

To keep your lawn green, healthy and lush, you should add lawn feeding. Some lawn feedings are enough to apply one time a year, but if you want to ensure the best results, apply lawn feedings at least four times a year. To know which product you should use for lawn feeding, you should know what type of grass you have. We divide different types of lawns:

  • Hard-wearing lawn
  • Fine ornamental lawn

If you plan to sow a lawn, ask yourself if your lawn needs to cope with kids playing or pets roaming around. This matters if you want to sow a hard-wearing or fine ornamental lawn. Ask our staff for advice. They can help you choose the right lawn seed and lawn feed.

Westland lawn feed

Westland offers many different varieties of lawn feed. It depends on the purpose of your lawn for which lawn feed you need. If you want to quickly feed and fix your patch, we have the right products for you. Westland’s lawn seed and lawn feed guarantee your grass to grow healthy and lush. Buy Westland lawn feed at Rushfields Plant Centre and start feeding your patch. Make sure you will enjoy a green and lush lawn this summer. Apply the first lawn feeding in mid-March and repeat this again in May and July. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our garden centre is closed to the public, but we’re open to click and collect.

Buy lawn feed at Rushfields

During the lockdown, we want to ensure that our customers buy the right products to get started in the garden. Gardening is fun. Gardening with the right products is even more fun! Rushfields Plant Centre offers a wide range of lawn feed and lawn seed. Buy our products in the webshop and choose to click and collect. We will place your products in a trolley with your name on it, outside of our exit door, and will arrange a time for you to collect them. If you choose the delivery option, we will tell you the day of the delivery, but will not be able to be time-specific. During the lockdown, our delivery charge is £5 within a 10-mile radius of Rushfields. All of our deliveries will be door step only, we will not be able to carry goods into any buildings. Any questions? Please contact us at 01273 857 445.