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Westland Bed & Border Bark 70L

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Westland Bed & Border Chipped Bark 70L

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For a decorative, attractive finish for beds & borders Westland Bed & Border Chipped Bark is an ideal solution. These large brown chips of bark (approximately 20-30mm – size can vary) not only provides a clean background for displaying your plants against but also offers excellent weed suppression, moisture retention and thermal protection for plant roots. Bed & Border Chipped Bark mulches also help reduce the spread of fungal diseases on leaves that arises from rain splash.

  • 20-30mm mid size chips
  • Perfect for use in finishing beds & border areas
  • Protects plant roots
  • Superior weed control
  • Holds moisture for longer
  • Ideal for play areas  


  • Brand
  • Size
  • Suitable for
    Beds, borders & large planters/containers
  • Use for
    decorative, attractive finish for beds & borders
  • Weeks of food
  • Peat free
  • Applicate

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