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Westland John Innes Ericaceous 35L

Price £ 6.99
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2£ 6.00

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John Innes Ericaceous 35L

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Westland John Innes Ericaceous 35L
Westland John Innes Ericaceous 35L
Price £ 6.99
Quantity Price per item
2£ 6.00

Westland John Innes Ericaceous Compost is the ideal compost for strong, healthy ericaceous plants. It feeds for 4 weeks with added iron for maximum leaf greening. Developed specially to help all acid loving (lime hating) plants bloom & thrive.

The compost includes Peat and loam for perfect nutrient, moisture retention as well as sand and grit for excellent drainage.

  • Perfect for rhododendrons, azaleas & camellias
  • Encourages stronger flowers & foliage
  • Feeds for 4 weeks
  • No green waste

Why Use

John Innes composts were developed over 50 years ago and are based on a traditional recipe of loam, peat and horticultural grit with added nutrients. John Innes Ericaceous Compost is a loam based compost which is a naturally reduced peat mix. It is specifically designed for use with all acid loving plants.

What are Ericaceous Plants?

Ericaceous plants are those which prefer acid soil conditions. For example: Rhododendron, Camellia, Azalea, Conifers, Magnolias, Acers, Heathers, Pieris, Skimmia, Berberia, Blueberries and Hydrangeas.

The benefits of added Iron

Acid loving plants need an extra boost of Iron to assist with the formation of Chlorophyll. This in turn keeps leaves green and healthy. It also is necessary for some enzyme functions such as energy production.


  • Brand
  • Size
  • Suitable for
    Pots, containers, tubs & alkaline or chalky plant beds
  • Use for
    Can be used if the garden soil is too alkaline or chalky
  • Peat free

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