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Watching seeds germinate and grow into lovely flowers is a hugely exciting part of your gardening year. Even though, in the beginning, you might doubt that it is ever going to work, you will soon find that that tiny kernel will send up a sturdy green sprout. This sprout will eventually grow into a mature plant with lovely flowers. Try raising a new plant this year by choosing from the hundreds of different seeds in our garden centre.

Boost up your garden with these wonderful annual plants

When choosing seeds you can choose for annual plants or for perennial plants. Annuals complete their life cycle within one growing season. However, that does not mean that you can only enjoy these plants for one year. Just place the seeds from last year’s flowers in the ground and watch them bloom again. You will find lots of hardy annual seeds in our assortment that can survive being frozen in the soil. Once these plants are fully grown, they can handle slightly cold temperatures.

  • love-in-a-mist: sow the seeds of this romantic flower during spring in a spot that gets plenty of sun;
  • marigolds: sow your marigold seeds directly into the ground when the soil is warm in the spring. These colourful flowers will bloom in about 8 weeks;
  • nasturtiums: start the seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost or sow them directly in the ground in early spring. Make sure your seeds get a beautiful spot in the sun.

Raise your perennial seeds and watch them bloom every year

Perennials are very easy to grow from seed, flowering in their first year and coming back again each and every year. Perennials live about 3 years or longer and are able to self-seed or spread underground. This makes these plants very easy to maintain. Some lovely perennials that we sell in seeds:

  • echinacea: these flowers are better known as ‘coneflowers’. They flower throughout summer and attract bees and butterflies.
  • rudbeckia: this summer-blooming annual should be sown indoors during spring and planted after the last frost is gone.
  • deschampsia: this semi-evergreen grass will grow up to 18 inches tall. Plant the grass seeds in beds or borders to combine them with your other annual plants. Put them in full sun or partial shade.

Plant vegetable seeds to develop a healthy lifestyle

Vegetable seeds are a lovely asset to any garden. In our garden centre you will find any vegetable you like, from cucumbers to swede. Or try something exotic like tamarilloes. Everything is possible! Come and visit our garden centre in Sussex and get yourself some seeds that you can watch grow into beautiful plants!