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Tackling slugs and snails

Slugs and snails are public enemy number one in the garden. These slimy menaces cause heartbreaks by eating hostas and lettuce. Slugs and snails are tough to keep out your garden, but it is even more difficult to get these pests out of the garden. Our gardening experts have drawn up a list of tips to keep these annoying creatures out of your garden and far away from your beautiful plants! 

The difference between slugs and snails

Slugs and snails seem to go hand in hand, but what exactly is the difference between them? The most obvious difference is the fact that snails have shells. Without the shell, slugs can squeeze themselves into different habitats. For instance, you will find slugs in small holes and under dead trees, where snails can't go with their shells. 

How to keep slugs and snails out of your garden

 Keeping slugs and snails out of your garden can be a challenge, but with these tips from our gardening experts anything is possible! Use different kind of pest control and traps to make sure your plants are safe during a long time. 


  • Copper rings give these annoying little creatures a small electric shock, so that they won't come back. 
  • A thick layer of grit is hard for slugs and snails to slime across. This way, it is almost impossible for slugs and snails to eat your plants. 
  • Add a little garlic to the layer of grit to keep them effetice during a long period of time. 


  • Buy a slug/snail trap in our garden centre and fill the trap with milk or beer. 
  • Place the traps close to the plants you want to protect: the slugs and snails will fall into the liquid and drown. 

Slug pellets:

  • The wildlife-friendly ferrous phosphat will tackle the slugs and snails in the garden, but won't harm the other wildlife and plants in the garden. 
  • Slug pellets can have harmful side-effect, so be sure to aks the staff in our plant centre for advice.
  • Make sure to regularly add new slug pellets to keep your plants well protected.


Products to keep slugs and snail far away from your plants

In Rushfields Plant Centre you will find an armoury of 'weapons' you could use against the fight with slugs and snails. Make sure to use a combination of barriers, slug pellets and traps to keep all of your plants slug-free. For more information or advice you can always ask the staff in our plant centre or contact us through email or phone. Our staff is more than happy to give you advice about slug deterrents suitable for your garden. We hope to welcome you soon in our plant centre near Brighton. 

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