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Small but perfectly formed

Daffodils might seem small but are nevertheless perfectly formed and fit perfectly in your garden. Moreover, daffodils are not just for March. You can enjoy their cheerful yellow trumpets from January until May if you plan cleverly. At Rushfields we have got a great variety of daffodils in our Poynings garden centre that will keep your garden filled with these yellow beauties throughout the year.

Daffodils that rise early in the year

There are some daffodils that bloom early in spring. Among the flowers that are early to rise:

  • ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’: this flower blooms from the end of February until the end of March. The flower is about 35 cm tall and has a brilliant yellow colour. Plant this flower from September until the end of November;
  • ‘February Gold’: this pure yellow gem reaches just 15 cm in late February or early March. Their lemon yellow perianth and yellowish-orange trumpet make this flower a wonderful asset for every garden. Plant the daffodil in autumn;
  • ‘Tete a Tete’: this miniature daffodil spreads a lovely scent and grows easily, whether you put it in full sun or partial shade. The flower reaches 15-20 cm and should be planted from September until December.

Mid-season blooming daffodils  

Some daffodils choose to bloom mid-season. Among these lovely flowers, you will find Wordsworth’s golden daffodil and a daffodil with spiky petals.

  • Tenby daffodil: this is the flower that Wordsworth dedicated his poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ to. Plant this golden beauty in autumn and watch it bloom from March to April;
  • ‘Rip van Winkle’: this unique flower has a spiky mane of green-tinged petals. It rises up to 25 cm and is a welcome addition to your garden when you want to spice things up. The flower should be planted during autumn and will bloom mid-spring;
  • ‘Jenny’: this middle-sized daffodil of 25 cm has a pale butterscotch trumpet and swept-back, creamy petals. This charming perennial should be planted in autumn in a spot where there is plenty of suns.

Daffodils - Rushfields

Lovely daffodils that bloom at the end of the season

When Spring is almost over, there are still some beautiful daffodils that will bloom and thus fill your garden with colour. Some of our favourite late bloomers:

  • ‘Dutch Master’: this bright yellow flower can be spotted everywhere in the Netherlands, but also in your back garden! The flower rises up to 45 cm and comes back each year. Plant this strong flower in fall and it will bloom from the end of Spring until early Summer;
  • ‘Cheerfulness’: this long-lasting flower has creamy-white petals that are wonderful to look at. The daffodil can get 40 cm tall and should be planted in fall, so it will flower during late Spring;
  • Pheasant’s eye daffodil: this daffodil has elegant white petals and a centre that looks a bit like the eye of a pheasant, hence the name. The flower wants a sunny or partially shaded spot so it can bloom beautifully at the end of the season.

How to keep your daffodils alive

When you have chosen the daffodils you want to plant this season, you should pick a good spot to plant them. Most daffodils like a sunny or partially sunny place. Make sure the daffodils don't stand in a windy spot, they merely like to be out of the wind. Looking for other small but perfectly formed flowers? Check our spring fever or tulips that last. These cheerful spring flowers will make your garden and yourself sparkle this spring! Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Poynings for more tips on your specific daffodils.

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