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Keeping pests away naturally

If you find your home or garden being invaded by a variety of pests, sometimes it is better to let Mother Nature do her thing. You want the creepy crawlies to dissapear as soon as possible, but with artificial pesticides you could damage the plants in your garden and in a lot of cases the pests will return. Fighting pests with their natural predators is keeping your plants protected the way Mother Nature intended!

3 ways to keep common pests out of your garden

Our gardening experts have drawn up a lists of 3 easy ways to keep the most common pests out of your garden, the natural way. Attracting allies of the pests is the best way to prevent the insects from coming to you garden and staying away for good!

  • Do snails bother you and the plants in your garden? It might be time to create a pond. Frogs love eating snails and the only way frogs will come and visit your garden is to create a pond!
  • Attracting spiders might sound weird, but spiders eat a lot of insects that could bother you and your garden. Make sure to plant some Asters, Petunias or Polygoniums. 
  • Ladybugs are creatures that love to eliminate pests in your garden. Soft body insects are their favourite. Dill, Fennel, Sunflowers and Cosmos are all plants or herbs that will attract Ladybugs. 


Natural pest control at Rushfields Plant Centre

If you don't want to use insects to keep other insects out of the garden, our plant centre also sells special organic solutions to keep pests away. For instance, Phasmarhabditis. This can be used to keeps slugs out and can be sprinkled on the ground. To make sure you biological control programme will be a success, follow three main rules:

  1. Apply the organic solutions at the right time. Greenhouse controls need at least 10°C overnight to work. Outdoor controls are active above 5°C.
  2. Choose the control that fits best. Each control attacks one specific type of pest - so make sure you pick the right one. 
  3. Be patient. Not all the bioloigical controls will be effective right away. 

More information or advice about natural pest control

If you need more information about organic pest control, or if you need advice: please ask the staff in our plant centre or contact us through email or phone. Our gardening experts are more than happy to help you to keep your garden healthy. Tackling slugs and snails might seem like a challenge, but with the right approach anything is possible. Using natural pest control products will protect your own health, but also the health of the plants. Most artificial products will not only attack the pests, but also the plants you want to protect! We hope to see you soon at Rushfields Plant Centre. 

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