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Protection for your plants is important if you want to keep pests away or to make sure your plants survive cold and frosty weather conditions. A little protection for your plants in extreme weather or when disease threaten can be the difference between success and abject failure. There is a comprehensive armoury available in our garden centre that will fight off the main threats to your plants and keep them safe.

How to protect your outdoor plants from bad weather

There are several types of weather that are not very favourable for your plants. Frosty weather causes the water in plant cells to freeze. Even hardy plants are susceptible to frosty weather. When the soil is frozen, they are unable to take up water, making them die from a shortage of water. But not only cold weather can damage your plants. Strong winds and heavy rain can cause your plants to be shredded or waterlogged. Fortunately, there are forms of protection that will make sure your plants withstand these severe weather conditions:

  • horticultural fleece: in our garden centre you will find horticultural fleece both on the roll and in handy packets. Throwing a couple of layers over tender plants like potatoes can be enough to see them through when frost threatens;
  • hessian sheets: tuck these sheets around thick straw and protest tender palms, gingers and bananas;
  • polythene cloches: these cloches are available off the peg in our garden centre. They prevent your plants from getting waterlogged or shredded by wind;
  • cold frames: these frames are very easy to construct and keep the weather off vulnerable young plants and seedlings.

Prevention is better than cure: what you can do yourself to protect your plants

When the temperatures are dropping, it is good to know what to do to protect your plants. First of all, water the soil thoroughly a day or two before frost is expected. Wet soil holds heat better than soil that is dry. Second of all, cover your plants using a blanket or horticultural fleece. Last but not least, you can mulch your plants. Use straw or leaf mold and remove the mulch when temperatures rise again.  

How to fight off pests using our protection measures

Pests are annoying insects and animals trying to damage your beautiful garden. How do you get rid of these pests without harming your plants? Stretch fine-gauge netting over a framework to keep birds from stealing your berries. Netting cloches over cabbages and sprouts also keeps pigeons at bay. Do you need other protection measures to save your plants? We have a range of other options available in our garden centre for warding off all sorts of pests. Choose from a wide array of protection articles, from biological controls to slug barriers and insecticidal sprays.