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Rushfields' pet shop is your place to go for all kinds of dog supplies. Keep your dog happy and healthy with the right care products and a good diet. Walk down our dog aisle and get everything you need to take care of your dog. We stock dog food, dog treats, toys, and accessories. We love how a dog can become a vast part of a family, and that's why we have an extensive dog department at our garden centre in Poynings. Visit us for a complete dog pet shop.

Dog bed - Rushfields

Dog food

We have dry dog food, canned dog food, frozen dog food, fresh dog food, and healthy dog treats to keep your dog well-fed and healthy. Dog food must contain the proper nutrients, proteins and fat. The type of food depends on your dog's age, level of activity, and allergies. Some dogs prefer dry food over wet food, but we recommend a mix of both. You can find high-quality food with grains, specialized diets, and vet-authorized food for other care. Please ask our staff at the pet department for advice.

How to choose the right food for my dog?

Look for food that's specially designed for your dog. Younger dogs need high-energy foods because they are very active during the day. Senior dogs don't need too many calories, as they burn fewer calories over the day. Try to find a dog food that fits your lifestyle. You can always ask our colleagues to help you. Whatever your dog's needs, we have the food to suit. Buy the best feed you can afford: 'premium' foods have the best quality ingredients, and though they may cost a little more, you don't need to feed as much, so you'll probably find out it works out around the same.

Dog food - Rushfields

Dog grooming supplies

Keep your best friend looking its best with our dog grooming supplies. We offer tools and equipment to keep its fur shiny and fresh. We stock brushing tools to keep your dog's fur shiny. A weekly brush keeps your dog's fur fresh and free of diseases and fleas. We have brushes, combs and other detanglers.

Dog care products

A healthy lifestyle prevents visits to the veterinary. But how do you keep your dog healthy?

  • A healthy diet that contains enough nutrients
  • An excellent exercise to keep them fit
  • Challenging games or toys to trigger their brain

You must also brush your dog's teeth and feed him supplements when needed. Please visit our garden centre in Poynings if you need some advice on dog care.

Buy dog supplies at Rushfields

We offer an extensive range of dog supplies to keep your dog happy. You can visit our pet shop for dog food, dog accessories and many more. Please ask the staff in our Poynings, Sussex garden centre for more information about feeding your dog to keep him at his best or which treats are okay for dogs.

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