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We have everything in our pet store for a happy cat: cat food, cat litter and accessories, cat toys, cat treats, cat bowls and feeders, cat beds, cat carriers and cat scratchers. Did you know that a cat spends about a third of its life fast asleep? They love to have a place where they can curl up in a warm and cosy spot. Cats will search your house to find that perfect sleeping spot. Sometimes that's exactly where you expected, like the brand new cat bed you've just bought, but sometimes it can also be the laundry basket, the radiator or your favourite jacket that you've left on the sofa. Rushfields Plant Centre offers a wide range of cat supplies at our pet shop. Visit us in Poynings, Sussex.

Cat pet shop - Rushfields

Cat food

You want to provide your cat with healthy food, but how do you know what type of food is best for your cat? Rushfields stocks dry food and wet food containing chicken, lamb, turkey or salmon. Cats need a protein-rich diet to keep them well-fed and healthy. Our staff would love to help you choose the best cat food for your cat. Here's what you need to keep in mind when selecting the right food for your cat.

  • Your cat's age
  • Your cat's activity level
  • Any health issues
  • Any allergies
  • Food ingredients
  • Your budget

An older cat needs other nutrients than a young kitten. Please enter our pet shop in Poynings, and we will supply your cat with tasty food that is full of energy and nutrients.

Cat food - Rushfields

Cat beds

Since you know how important a cat's sleep is, you must provide your cat with a fluffy, soft cat bed. Our garden centre offers a wide range of cat beds, from handsome traditional wicker cat beds and easy-to-clean plastic cat beds to snuggly quilted mats and cosy cocoons. Discover our range and select the colour and pattern that matches your interior. Cat beds don't have to be too obvious. They can also fit your style. Match your cat's bed to your décor.

How to choose the right bed for my cat?

Watch how your cat sleeps before you choose your bed. Here's a shortlist to select the best cat bed:

  • cats that like to curl up love a snug basket or hooded bed,
  • cats that like to roll on their backs and stretch out will fancy a quilted mat or beanbag,
  • kittens and old cats who need something easy to get into are big fans of low-sided beds.

Visit our pet shop at our garden centre to discover the many options. Check our opening hours on the contact page.

Cat toys - Rushfields

Cat toys

Cats like to be challenged, so buying a (new) toy is a good choice. You can't play with your cat all day, so a toy or game is an excellent idea to keep your cat entertained while you're busy or away. Playtime with your cat isn't just for fun. It's also an essential aspect of your cat's health. Cats love to chase a faux-fur mouse or wrestle with a challenging toy. We have selected some of our favourite toys:

  • Plush toys (stuffed animals)
  • Electronic toys (lasers, crawling toys,
  • Hunting and chasing toys (mice or birds)
  • Balls (made from wicker, feathers or crinkly material)
  • Teaser toys (like the traditional fish on a rod)

Buy Cat supplies at Rushfields

We stock all kinds of cat supplies at our pet shop in Poynings, like brushes, catnip, collars and more. You can come in for professional advice on choosing the right cat food or snuggle around and find yourself the best cat bed. Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex for more information about choosing the right products for your cat.

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