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Birds make lovable, friendly and companionable pets. As a bird owner, you want to provide your bird with the best bird supplies possible. Ensure your bird’s long term health by giving it good food, safe shelter and fun toys and accessories to play with. Take care of your feathered friend and get your bird supplies at Rushfields Plant Centre. We stock a wide range of bird food, cages, toys and accessories to keep your bird happy and busy. A busy bird is a happy bird – so brighten the life of your feathered friend and visit us in Poynings, Sussex.

Bird food - Rushfields

Bird food

Keeping your bird happy is about providing it with the proper care. Bird food is essential in birds’ health. We offer different types of bird food, such as pellets, seeds and treats.

  • Pellets are a great way to ensure your bird gets the right amount of nutrients. Provide your bird with a balanced diet by offering them tasty pellets.
  • Birdseed is available in many varieties, textures and sizes. Birdseed contains fat, protein and nutrients that birds need to stay healthy. We have different seeds for different bird types available.
  • If you want to treat your bird, we’ve got a large choice for you, from mealworms to sticks and spray millet to dries exotic fruits. If you don’t know which treats are best for your bird, please ask our staff workers at the garden centre.

Cages and covers

Give your feathered friend the best home possible, and he’ll keep whistling a lovely tune. We offer birdcages with the space your bird needs to stretch out his wings, have a nice meal and sleep through the night. Provide your bird with a cage, including a cover that can create a dark environment. A covered cage is the best way to rest without any distractions. Keep your bird buddy happy and healthy with cages and covers that are perfect for your feathered friend. Shop bird cages and covers at Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings and keep your bird whistling.

Bird cage - Rushfields

Bird accessories

We have different accessories to create a great living environment for your bird. When it comes to furnishing your birdcage, it’s essential to have enough accessories to keep your bird entertained. What do you think of a bird swing? This entertaining rope is perfect for climbing and gymnastics. You can attach the swing to the cage, and your bird will love it. Don’t forget bird accessories such as water bottles, a nail grooming perch, a ladder or a  branch perch. Create a bird paradise to keep your bird happy and fit.

Bird toys

Birds love to be entertained. Trigger their brain by providing them with toys and games to play with. Bird toys help keep birds’ physical and mental well-being on the level. We offer small toys that are great for parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds and similar sized birds. Let your birds jump, climb, crawl, hang, puzzle, chew and exercise. We offer mirrors, balls, ropes, swings and many more toys to keep your feathered friend entertained.

Bird toys - Rushfields

Buy bird supplies at Rushfields

If you want to provide your bird with the best bird supplies, please visit our garden centre in Poynings. Our bird department is stocked with all you need to keep your bird happy. Are you looking for a specific brand or product, please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information? They’d love to help you choose the ideal toy that will suit your bird.

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