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Shop all aquatics at Rushfields' Pet Shop. Setting up your first aquarium is your chance to let your imagination run riot. A good aquarium shows off your new fish and gives them an excellent environment to live in: luckily everything you need is right here in our garden centre. Rushfields Aquarium department offers aquariums, fish, ornaments, houses, filters, pumps and fish food. Please visit our Aquarium department at our pet shop in Poynings, Sussex. 

Fish Supplies at Rushfields Pet Shop

Fish tanks make the best decoration at your home. The bright colours of the fish, water and lights add a little extra to your interior. Rushfields' pet shop provides you with the best fish,  tanks and cabinets, filters, ornaments, water plants and fish food. Please ask our staff workers at the garden centre for the best advice on aquatics. We have all you need for happy fish.

Fish tank - Rushfields

Fish Tanks and Aquariums

If you want to give your fish and other water animals and plants a place to call home, you need a fish tank or aquarium. Rushfields Pet Shop offers a wide range of different fish tanks in various sizes. Do you want to keep just one goldfish, then a 12 "x 6" x 8" aquarium is big enough. If you want to house plural fish, water plants, and other water animals, we recommend buying a larger fish tank. Medium-sized tanks are around 25"-30" long and 12"-18" wide. Not sure what size tank you should buy, please ask our staff workers. They're happy to help!

What do I need for my fish?

The exact needs of your fish can vary according to what type of fish they are and the size of your tank. But the basic requirements are the same: to set up a cold-water aquarium to suit most fish, and this is what you'll need.

  • Pumps and filters: an air pump oxygenates the water and keeps both fish and plants healthy. Add a filtration system to keep your tank clean and a second pump to move the water itself, helping keep it crystal clear. We have external, internal and hang-on filters. Please ask our staff at the pet shop department for advice.
  • Plants: aquatic plants create a natural environment for your fish: they add oxygen to the water and clean the water too. Combine different shapes and colours to create an underwater paradise for your fish to explore.
  • Rocks and sculptures: build up the natural or artificial stone into coral reef lookalikes your fish can dodge in and out of, or lean one architectural stone on another for a cave-like hidey-hole. An elegant sculpture adds the finishing touch to your underwater scene.
  • Lighting: this is essential to represent a daily cycle. A lighting system improves colour and vibrancy in livestock. Goldfish don't need anything too fancy, while tropical aquarium fish prefer led light.
  • Heater: to maintain the correct temperature in your fish tank, you can add a heater to your aquarium. This keeps the temperature stable and provides you with happy fish.

Aquarium - Rushfields

Buy all aquatics at Rushfields

Come by at Rushfields' pet shop and shop everything you need to build an underwater paradise. Please ask the staff in our Poynings, Sussex garden centre for more information about what you'll need for stocking your aquarium. We are happy to help you!

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