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    Pet supplies

    Pet supplies are not only available in your local pet shop, but also in your extensive garden centre. Whether you keep a dog, cat, budgie or rabbit, your animals are part of your family and deserve the very best. Keep your pet happy by offering him a safe home, giving him plenty of food and by taking good care of him. With the products you will find in our local garden centre you will find everything your pet will need.

    Give your pet a good night’s sleep by choosing for good bedding

    A good night’s sleep is as important for you as it is for your pet. Whereas guinea pigs, mice and rabbits will be comfortable as long as there is enough sawdust and hay, cats and dogs need something entirely different to get through the night. Choose from our wide range of pet supplies, including cosy padded beds and benches, to make sure that your dog or cat gets the rest he needs.

    Pick the best and healthiest food for your dog or cat

    Buying the right pet supplies is not always easy. It can be hard to decide which food is best for your animals, because there are so many different types of cat and dog food on the market. These are the main types of cat and dog supplies when it comes to food:

    • dry food: also called dry kibble. This food is most convenient when it comes to storage and feeding. It does not spoil very fast, so you can fill the food bowl with enough kibble for the rest of the day;
    • canned food: canned food can be expensive, but it contains a lot of meat protein. Most wet food is filled with high quality meat, like beef, chicken and fish;
    • semi-moist food: this type of food is less moist than wet food, consisting of water for about 60%. Because the food is soft, it is easily digestible, even for difficult eaters;
    • raw food: when you want to give your cat or dog a raw diet you usually give him only uncooked animal muscle meat, organs and bones. Because of their strong stomach acids, cats and dogs are generally able to digest raw food well;
    • home-made food.

    Keep your pet healthy with vitamin supplements and regular treatments

    To keep your pets in top condition it is necessary to make their health a priority. Go to the vet regularly to make sure that your pet is healthy and gets the care he needs. Furthermore, it is necessary to give your pet vitamin supplements if the food you give him does not possess all the right vitamins. When it comes to dog supplies, you should be sure to give him enough vitamin A. A dog needs vitamin A for growth, immune function and cell function. Vitamin B is vital for, among other things, your dog’s red blood cell and nervous system function. Vitamin C helps you pet fight off free radicals in the body, while vitamin D makes sure that your dog develops properly and maintains healthy muscles. Visit our garden centre to find all pet supplies your best friend could wish for.