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Pet Shop

Pet supplies are not only available in your local pet shop but also in your extensive garden centre. Whether you keep a dog or cat, your animals are part of your family and deserve the very best. Keep your pet happy by offering him a safe home, giving him plenty of food and by taking good care of him. With the products you will find in our local garden centre, you will find everything your pet needs.

Everything for your dog

If you have a dog as a pet, you only want what's best for it. Rushfields dog department provides you with dog food, treats and accessories. Here's a short list of what you can expect at our pet shop:

  • Dog food: Dry dog food, Wet dog food, Specialist Diets
  • Dog treats: Dog bones, Dog biscuits, Dog chew sticks,
  • Dog toys: Puppy toys, Intelligence puzzles, Rope toys, Soft toys, Throw & fetch toys, Squeaker toys.

Here's a glimpse of all of the brands we sell at Rushfields: Royal Canin, Arden Grange, Canagan, Bakers and Oscars.

Pet Shop Dog - Rushfields

All for cats

Cats are adorable pets and will cuddle and snuggle with you on the couch. Provide your cat with the best cat food, cat toys and cat accessories. If you are planning to buy a (young) cat, then make sure you have all the essentials that it needs. A well-prepared house becomes a home for your kitty in no time.

  • Food and water bowls filled with fresh water and cat food. (The type of food depends on the age of the cat)
  • Cat toys are needed, especially with young cats. Make sure you provide your cat with a variety of toys to keep them active.

Pet Shop Cat - Rushfields

Buy pet supplies at Rushfields pet shop

Our pet shop offers everything for your beloved pets. Whether you're looking for the best dog food and cat food or if you want to buy a new toy. Our staff loves to help you out and provide your pet with the best pet products. Our pet shop is nearby if you live close to Horsham, Burgess Hill, Brighton or Heath! Please check our opening hours and come by.