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Garden pests

Garden pests can be a real pain in the neck. In your battle against all the creepy crawlies that enjoy your plants just as much as you do, it is a good idea to be well-armed. Fortunately, in our garden centre you will find everything you need to keep pests and diseases at bay. Keep these essentials in your garden shed so you will be prepared at all times to fight the good fight.

Use barriers to keep pests away instead of killing them

Sometimes prevention is better than cure. That is why you should always look into methods to keep pests at bay before trying to kill them. Some barriers that we find very effective:

  • put a screen of horticultural fleece around your carrots to keep carrot fly away;
  • sprinkle some garlic granules on the ground surrounding your plants to deter slugs. Grit and copper rings will also fight off slugs;
  • use insect-proof mesh as a ready-to-use cloche to keep caterpillars and other pests off crops.

Fight off garden pests with anti-insect sprays

When the barriers don’t work and your crops and plants are in the danger of being eaten, there are lots of sprays you can use to get rid of these little monsters. Use insecticidal soap to exterminate sap-sucking aphids. Our handy spray guns are easy to use and can be safely applied to all sorts of plants, from roses to cabbages. Are your plants already covered in larvae and eggs? Fight them off with a tree wash. These washes treat insects and their eggs on fruit trees and bushes.  

Use organic methods to tackle persistent pests

When the going gets tough, there are still other methods which will help you dispose of nasty insects. Take for example our super-effective wildlife friendly slug pellets that will prevent your crops from getting nibbled at. But there are also biological ways to get rid of pests. Biological control or ‘biocontrol’ entails a method where you try to control pests such as insects and diseases using other natural mechanisms and animals. For example, you can release parasitic wasps to control aphids. We would love to tell you more about biological control and how you can use it in your own garden. Visit our garden centre to discover our range of organic deterrents, such as pheromone traps to catch codling moths and other flying pests.