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Bulbs aren't just for spring: with a little planning you can have flowering bulbs in your garden all year round. In our garden centre we stock bulbs seasonally. That means that you will find spring and summer bulbs on our shelves in autumn, and late-season bulbs on sale from spring. Choose flower bulbs for every season to enjoy colour from January till December!

Mix flowers in happy colours like yellow, pink and red in spring

These spring flower bulbs bring a splash of colour in your garden, so be sure to plant lots of them. Bring your garden to life by mixing flowers of various colours. Some flowers that cannot be wanting in your Spring garden:

  • crocuses: these perennials should be planted in early autumn to make sure that they bloom during spring. Mix white, purple and yellow flowers to create a beautiful picture;
  • daffodils: there is no better way to welcome spring than by planting these bright yellow flowers. Wait until the soil cools down during autumn before you plant your daffodils;
  • tulips: even though these flowers are a typical Dutch symbol, they will not be out of place in your garden in Sussex. Available in colours ranging from purple to red and from orange to maroon, these flowers will never fail to surprise you. Plant your tulip bulbs in the fall, 6 to 8 weeks before a hard frost is expected;
  • hyacinths: these flowers too come in a variety of colours. Moreover, they distribute a lovely scent that will convince you that spring has come once again. Plant hyacinths in autumn before the first frost.

Fill your garden with these vibrant show-stoppers in summer

In summer there is no holding back: it is time to unpack the real showstoppers! That is why you will find brilliantly-coloured dahlias, flamboyant lilies, sophisticated bearded irises and easy-going pompom allium bulbs in our garden centre. Dahlias bloom from midsummer through autumn. They should be planted in spring, but not too early: wait until you are sure there will be no frost anymore to endanger your dahlias. Bearded irises might look sophisticated, but are really not that hard to plant. Plant these flower bulbs either in late summer or early spring in a spot where there is some shade during hot periods of the day.

Create an autumn garden with yellow, pink and orange flowers

In autumn it is time to plant lipstick-pink nerines for a brilliant splash of colour in September. Other autumn bulbs we stock include autumn-flowering saffron crocus, exotic-looking Gladiolus murielae and brilliant yellow Sternbergia. The nerine bowdenii flowers from September to early November and has a very exotic appearance. Its wavy petals glow in the sunlight and its musky scent makes your garden completely autumn-proof. The Sternbergia is commonly called the ‘fall daffodil’ for its great alikeness with the daffodil. This pretty yellow flower blooms in early autumn.  

Bring some colour in your snow white winter with these hardy flowers

Who says that snowdrops and holly bushes are the only plants that grow and that your garden cannot be colourful during winter? Here in Poynings we have a lot of beautiful flower bulbs that will fill your garden with colour. Tiny pink Cyclamen coum fit perfectly beside the earliest snowdrips and our tiny, delicate winter-flowering irises, for example the Iris danfordiae, provide a cheery December splash of yellow. Come visit our garden centre in Sussex and find out which flowers should be in your garden this season.