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    Indoor greenery

    Indoor greenery brings the outdoors inside of your home. Buy leafy, green houseplants and improve your living conditions. The palms, dracaenas and ferns you will find in our garden centre in Poynings are proven to reduce stress, remove pollutants from the air and increase oxygen levels. So houseplants are not only wonderful to look at, but also provide you with a healthy living.

    How to take care of your green houseplants

    Your green house plants take good care of you by providing you with oxygen and purifying the air. But how do you take care of your indoor greenery?

    • give your plants a place where they can thrive. Most green houseplants prefer a bright spot that is out of direct sunlight, with steady temperatures and humid air. Avoid places close to radiators or on windowsills where temperatures fall sharply on frosty nights. Try putting them on tables or stands, available in our garden centre, in a bright spot near a window;
    • water sparingly, because the compost needs time to dry in the meantime. Mist leaves with a hand spray or put your plants in trays of damp gravel to raise humidity;
    • check your plants regularly for pests. Fuzzy white tufts are a sign of mealybug, while red spider mite cause yellow mottling and fine webs. Spray with insecticidal soap to remove these pests;
    • wipe the leaves of your indoor greenery with cotton wool soaked in tepid water to keep dust from blocking their pores.

    Choosing indoor greenery that will clean your air

    While most plants will improve your living conditions, some plants are especially good at purifying the air. Devil’s Ivy is a beautiful green houseplant that is very easy to take care of. It removes household toxins, like xylene and benzene. The peace lily is another undemanding plant that adds colour to your house with its magnificent lilies. Moreover, it eliminates toxins like benzene and carbon monoxide. Last but not least, the philodendron is a plant that gets rid of formaldehyde and adorns your room with its heart-shaped leaves.

    The right flowerpot for your indoor plant

    Make sure you buy the right pot for your green houseplant. First of all, make sure the pot is not too big or too small, but exactly the correct size. A pot that is not the right size may result in root rot or stunted growth. Next, decide on the material you want to use. Terra cotta dries out quickly, preventing the soil from staying wet. This makes terra cotta pots perfect for succulents or cactuses, because these plants do not need a lot of water. Plastic pots are very cheap and easy to wash and reuse. Ceramic pots are heavy, making it hard to move them around often, but at the same time making sure that top-heavy plants don’t tip over. Do you want to know more about indoor greenery and choosing pots for your green houseplants? Bring a visit to our garden centre in Poynings, we are happy to help you!

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