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Houseplants are actually an extension of your garden. By creating a garden inside of your house filled with flowering houseplants you will not only make your house look beautiful, but you will also improve your quality of life. Research has shown that, in an average room, just two or three houseplants will improve air quality, pump feel-good oxygen back into the air and reduce stress. Fill your house with the lush greenery and flowers of the houseplants you find in our garden centre.

Houseplants that are easy to take care of

Maybe you are a little hesitant to buy a houseplant, because you are afraid you might let them die. Fortunately, there are lots of houseplants in our garden centre that are almost impossible to kill. A list of the most popular plants that are also very easy to take care of:

  • the Chinese evergreen loves water. So overdoing it is almost impossible when it comes to this beautiful plant with patterned leaves;
  • the Chinese money plant wants to be watered every week and prefers a spot where there is enough shade. Other than that, there is little that this ‘pancake plant’ needs;
  • what the yucca needs is a lot of sun. Don’t water this plant too often, but do make sure that the yucca gets a sunny spot inside of your house;
  • African violets are flowering houseplants that bloom several times per year and are wonderful to look at. They want a spot where there is indirect light. Keep your plant healthy by giving him water every other week.

In our garden there is a houseplant for everyone. You will find handsome architectural palms and ferns for a modern, minimalist look, but also pretty African violets, delicate paperwhite daffodils and fragrant stephanotises if shabby chic is more your thing. Choose flowering houseplants like begonias and scented geraniums to add a little flair to your home interior.

When and how to water your houseplant

Are you still anxious to kill your plant by giving it too much or too little water? Here is how to make sure that your plant stays alive. First of all, keep in mind that the potting soil should be moist, not wet. Stick your finger in the soil to determine if your plant needs water. If the soil feels damp, there is no need to water your plant. If it feels dry, watering is necessary. Make sure your pot has good drainage by choosing one with holes in the bottom. Thus, redundant water can flow away. Do you want more advice on taking care of your houseplants? Visit our garden centre and ask our staff for more information.

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