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Hand tools

Hand tools are a gardener’s best friend. Use a sharpened hand spade to get through the ground and loosen the soil or a hand rake to sweep leaves together. These garden tools are shaped so that they fit in your hand perfectly. This makes it easy to get to work, whether pruning, digging, sowing or weeding. Get started with our extensive set of hand tools. Visit Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings, Sussex to find the right tools for you.

Hand tools - Rushfields

The garden tools you need to get started

In our garden centre, you will find the basic kit for starting with gardening. This basic kit consists of:

  • border spades and forks to turn your soil;
  • hand tools for close-up weeding;
  • secateurs for pruning, trimming and deadheading.

A border spade is smaller than a regular spade and has a flat blade that enables you to dig down into the ground. Spades and forks are convenient when you want to loosen the soil or break up lumps in the soil. But sometimes, you need something smaller to get your garden free of weeds. That is where hand tools such as hoes and secateurs come in. Dig up the roots of the weeds to get rid of the stubborn plants that keep springing up in your garden by using a hoe. When the roots are too big to dig up entirely, you can use secateurs. They are also great for cutting thick branches and stems. Other hand tools include trowels, knife weeders and rakes. You can turn your garden into a weedless paradise by keeping close to the ground.

How to choose the proper hand tools for gardening

When you are just getting started with gardening, it can be hard to know which garden tools to choose. First of all, always check if the tool allows you to work in a comfortable position. Gardening is hard work, so using tools that put you in a problematic place are strongly discouraged. Next, try to find out if the hand tools work for troublesome weeds that have deep roots. Ask our staff for advice by telling them about the weeds you have to deal with in your garden. They can recommend hand tools that enable you to tackle these weeds. Look for tools with sharp edges with a sturdy handle. Also, don’t forget to ask about the maintenance of your tools. Do they need frequent sharpening and cleaning? Don’t be afraid to ask our employees all the questions you have!

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