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    If you're looking for gifts for gardeners and plant lovers, Rushfields Plant Centre is your place to be. You will find plenty of gift ideas and inspiration in our garden centre to make the people who love plants and gardening happy! The product variety ranges from plants and seeds to a diversity of decoration. The more practical presents and the more decorative presents and everything in between are available at Rushfields Plant Centre. Are you wondering what's on a gardener's wishlist? We are always happy to help you out, feel free to ask our staff for advice!

    Gifts for gardeners and plant lovers

    • Garden ornaments: you will find a wide variety of ornaments such as sundials and clocks, wall art, statues and sculptures, windchimes and topiary. 
    • Vegetable garden gifts: the vegetable growers will definitely enjoy our kits with seeds and pots that are pre-packed and beautifully presented. Besides that we also have seed boxes, special plant label and planters.
    • Practical garden presents: all things practical such as garden clothing like gloves, hats, wellies and lightweight material clothing. and other practicals such as hand tools. 
    • Plants: of course buying plants is always a good idea! You could bring special seasonal plants including pots, such as hyacinths, fragrant winter shrubs, or a beautiful rose. 
    • Do you prefer to let the gardeners choose for themselves? We also have gift vouchers which are suitable for every occasion and loved by many gardeners! 

    Rushfields Plant Centre: a gift shop for gardeners

    If you know someone loves plants, we promise you it won't be hard to find a nice present. We offer such a wide range of all things gardeners love, varying from the necessities to the nice extra's that you will always find a beautiful gift for someone in your surroundings. Whether the person is into growing vegetables, loves flowers, is into houseplant decoration or anything in between; we can help you out to find the right gifts. Are you having trouble with deciding what to pick? A gift voucher is always a good idea, because the gardeners and plant lovers can visit our store to pick up lots of new inspiration and find their gift themselves! Don't hesitate to ask our staff for tips or more information, we're happy to help you out! 

    Rushfields Gifts

    Green gifts that gardeners will love: you're welcome at Rushfields Plant Centre

    You're very welcome at our garden centre in Poynings Sussex, near Brighton. You will find a nice gift for people who love plants, gardening and growing  vegetables in our garden centre, while finding lots of inspiration for yourself too. Whether you like some beautiful flowers, a new plant that catches all attention, a set with seeds and pots or anything practical such as tools and clothing; Rushfields Plant Centre is your place to be. We're open from Tuesday until Sunday and we're very happy to help you out. For more information, you can reach out to us by calling 01273 857 445, or by sending an email to