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Winter care for garden furniture

It's important to know when and how to take care of your garden furniture during winter. Once colder weather arrives and the nights draw in, you'll want to retreat indoors and cosy up to a roaring fire rather than braving the elements outdoors. But before closing the back door behind you, take some time to tuck your garden furniture up for winter in Poynings.

How to protect garden furniture over winter

When the frosts kick in and the nights become colder, we have to make sure to protect our worthy garden furniture against the bad weather conditions. We show you some tips to keep your garden furniture shiny and winter-proof. First of all, you must know of what material your furniture is made. Different materials need other care.

Garden furniture protection over winter - Rushfields

How to protect plastic garden furniture

Plastic and canvas fade and discolour if you left them outdoors. So, bring chairs, parasols tables, and cushions inside to make sure they have a dry place. Choose the shed or garage as protection. Space doesn’t need to be warmed. If you don’t have too much space in your shed, buy canvas chairs and tables that you can fold in. These are available in our garden centre, are ideal for easy storage.

How to protect wooden furniture

Wooden garden furniture can be left outdoors but will discolour over years. If you want to keep your beautiful wooden furniture as pretty as it looked this summer, you must consider to protect them against bad weather this winter.

  • First of all, you must clean the wooden furniture before you protect it. Remove dirt, algae, bord droppings and lichens. If you skip the cleaning part, it will hold onto extra moisture during the colder months.

  • Then, apply a quick once-over with teak oil keeps it supple (only apply when the wood is dry).

  • Follow up the cleaning by soaking each leg in pots of wood preservative overnight.

How to protect metal garden furniture

Metal garden furniture, like side tables and chairs, look stunning but need protection over winter, too. Clean the iron and steel once a year to keep it shiny and beautiful. Metal, iron and steel must be treated with an anti-rust agent and coated against the damp, but if the surface has been damaged touch it up straight away using matching car or metal paint. At our garden centre, we offer different products to keep your metal garden furniture smooth. Ask our staff at the garden centre to help you, is you need any advice.

Protect garden furniture with covers

At our garden centre, we offer various covers to protect your garden furniture from bad weather during winter. We have a range of covers specially made for tables, chairs and benches. Also, store your furniture cushions inside to avoid moisty cushions that get mouldy from the humid weather. These covers are available in our garden centre. Protect your furniture with a cover so you can enjoy your stuff summer after summer after summer! Leave your garden furniture outside safely with special cover from Rushfields Plant Centre. These covers are made from weather-proof fabric, they're fitted in minutes – though make sure your furniture is dry before putting them on.

Protect your garden furniture with Rushfields Plant Centre products

We offer many products to cover your garden furniture and make sure the bad weather conditions don’t do harm to your beloved furniture. Please ask the staff in our Poynings garden centre for more information and advice about how to care for your garden furniture over winter. Find our address information on our contact page and rush yourself to Rushfields Plant Centre to buy the things you need to take care of your garden furniture during winter.

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