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Sitting pretty

'What is life, if full of care we have no time to stand and stare?' So said Welsh poet W H Davies – and it's a good motto for gardeners. Take time out to simply enjoy being in the garden you've so lovingly created. Today we are almost always in a rush. Rushing to do grocery shopping, being in a hurry to make it to yoga class, try to get on time at the pub quiz. Our schedule sometimes needs an extra day to go with all our appointments. That's why it's extra important to make time for yourself and sit back and relax in the air. At Rushfields we have the perfect sit-and-relax chairs and lounge beds for you. Visit our garden centre and watch the assortment.

Seating in the garden

Seating in the garden in Poynings, Sussex slows the pace, providing a spot to pause and take in the view, and there's a great range of benches and chairs in our garden centre. Here are just some of the designs. Visit our garden centre in Poynings to view our complete assortment. We show you the latest trends in garden furniture and show you what relaxing is. Dare to take time for yourself and spoil yourself with a cosy and comfy chair. You will use the chair more often if you feel the design and love the comfiness. Come to Rushfields and get inspired by the looks we created. 

Garden chairs - Rushfields

Garden swing chair

Is there a better way to relax in your own garden than to sit, swing and enjoy the sun on your face in a garden swing chair? At Rushfields we have several garden swing chairs to shake up your happiness. Place this chair in a sunny corner and relax for hours. Still got that book on the book shelve you want to read for so long? Grab your book, make yourself a cup of tea and start to relax in your garden swing chair. Soft lounge music in the background and we won't hear you for hours. Rushfields garden centre has a varying assortment of garden furniture. Give us a call or visit our garden centre in Poynings to view the latest items.

Garden swing chair - Rushfields

Garden chairs to sit pretty

  • Formal wooden seats: including the ever-popular Lutyens bench, these well-crafted early 20th century designs look fabulous in country gardens.
  • Wrought-iron: a Gothic design popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, with ornate backs and scrolled arms, these look wonderful in Victorian-style gardens.
  • Contemporary style: clean lines, minimalist shapes and cool colours mark out modernist benches and chairs in sleek wood or moulded plastic - perfect for chic city gardens.
  • Tree seats: built around the trunk, these octagonal benches enhance the tree as well giving you views around the garden.
  • Adirondack chairs: American-designed wooden chairs made for comfort, available in natural teak or painted.

Garden chairs in Poynings

Want to find the right garden chair? Host the whole family with six-seater sets or have an intimate evening with your partner and sit back in the garden sofas. What you want to realize in your garden, at Rushfields we can provide you with the perfect garden chairs, benches and sofas. Please ask the staff in our Poynings, Sussex garden centre for more information and advice about choosing chairs and benches for your garden.

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