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Container fruit

You too can grow fruit – even if you don't have a garden. Almost all fruit trees and bushes can be grown in containers, and more exotic fruits, like peaches and nectarines, do better in a pot as they can be protected more easily. And what about vertical gardening. You only need a wall, some delicious fruit trees and a sunny spot. This Summer you will enjoy sweet blueberries, fruity strawberries or fresh apples. Find your container fruit at Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings and discover the many options you can create with fruit in containers and vertical gardening.

Tips for growing fruit in pots

At Rushfields we understand that not everybody has the privilege to have a hectare garden to plant several trees, a pond and a tennis court. For every small balcony or little garden, we have a solution. Here are our top tips for growing fruit in pots:

  • Which container? Choose terracotta or plastic planters about 7cm larger than the plant's rootball from the range available in our garden centre. Re-pot into larger containers each year.
  • Which compost? Soil-based composts such as John Innes no 3 are available in our garden centre and are ideal for fruit as they hold on to nutrients for longer. Don't use garden soil as it doesn't drain well enough.
  • Which stake? Most container-grown trees need staking. Sturdy tree stakes and bamboo canes 8cm in diameter are available in our garden centre: sink to the bottom of the pot and tie in loosely.
  • Which feed? We have specialist feeds for potted fruit, such as citrus feed for lemon trees, in our garden centre, and also slow-release fertilisers such as Osmocote and pelleted chicken manure for other fruit trees.

Container fruit - Rushfields

How to take care of your fruit trees and bushes?

Find out everything about taking care of your fruit trees and bushes in our blog. Fruit trees and shrubs need plenty of goodness in the soil to produce their bumper crops each year. After you've planted your fruit tree and fed it, apply some mulch. The fruit trees will definitely benefit from a generous mulch. Find out everything about feeding, planting, taking care of fruit trees.

Garden wall planters

If you don't have a large garden where you can plant trees wherever you want, we have a suggestion for you. Fill your small balcony with wall planters and start growing your own fruit. At Rushfields, we have everything you need for a vertical garden. Grow sweet red strawberries and use them in a smoothie. Also, grape bushes are ideal for vertical gardening. No borders needed, just a sunny place for your soon-to-be-fresh-picked-fruit-trees. Visit our plant centre in Poynings and cheer up your garden and enjoy fresh-picked fruit from your own harvest.

Buy container fruit in Poynings

Want to find out our assortment container fruit? In our plant centre in Poynings we infinite options for growing fruit in the garden or balcony. Please ask the staff in our Poynings, Sussex garden centre for more information and advice about growing fruit in containers.

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