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Grow your own fruit in the garden. Enjoy fresh and juicy fruits from the garden kitchen. If you have a large garden, or not too big, but you just want to start farming. Get yourself a border with fruit trees or shrubs. You will be amazed by the first harvest. The fresh fruits squeeze in your mouth and you don't ever want anything else but your own grown fruit. Fresh fruit is healthy and supremely tasty, fresh-picked fruit from the garden is one of the real luxuries of growing your own. A British climate is perfect for growing so many different types: from tart rhubarb in early spring to sweet summer strawberries and crunchy autumn apples. Discover the many options in fruit in our Plant Centre in Poynings. We look forward to showing our wide range of fruit trees and shrubs.

Patio fruit trees

If space in your garden is limited, then fear not. This doesn't mean you can't grow fruit trees. At Rushfields we have carefully selected small fruit trees that fit any garden. These miniature fruit trees or shrubs will produce a superb harvest in summer months. Plant these trees or shrubs in the ground or choose a matching container. Small fruit trees in containers are ideal for the patio or a small balcony. We stock a huge fruit range in our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex: look out for container-grown bushes and trees to buy all year round, or check our winter bare-root plants which establish in double-quick time. Bare-roots plants need to be planted from November until March, in the dormant season. If you plant the shrubs in this period, you force the plants to establish well -while the top growth may be brown and twiggy, the roots are busy establishing beneath. Note that there are special winter bare-roots and not all garden plants or shrubs can be planted in the dormant season. 

Patio fruit trees - Rushfields

Fruit bushes

Fruit bushes to enjoy in your garden include traditional fresh apples, sweet pears and plums. We have everything you to start baking apple pies from hand-picked apples from your own harvest. We stock many traditional heritage varieties with outstanding flavour and fascinating histories. Look out for unusual fruits, too, like mulberries, quinces and medlars in our garden centre. Berries and currants are superb value, producing years of plentiful harvests from just a few plants. Gooseberries are first, fruiting from May, while currants (black, white and red) take over in summer. If you want to enjoy fruits from May until September, mix and match early-bloomers and late-bloomers in the border. We are always willing to help you choose the right fruit bushes.

Bare root fruit trees

Bare-root stock gives you a great choice of varieties and is often cheaper than fruit trees in containers. You buy bare-root fruit trees in our garden centre from November onwards, you'll find bundles of raspberry canes, fruit trees and strawberry crowns sold this way to plant as soon as you get them home. Plant bare-root fruit trees in the border or in a container. Looking for a big, luxury container for your fruit tree? We like to welcome you to our pottery section in the plant centre. Discover all options, sizes, colours and many more.

Fruit tree Poynings

Want to create a fruity garden this year? Rush yourself to Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings and buy yourself a sweet pear tree, stunning raspberry bush or fig tree. Please ask the staff in our Poynings, Sussex garden centre for more information and advice about growing fruit.