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Plastic vs terracotta

There's a huge choice of containers available in our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex, but two types remain most popular: clay terracotta or versatile plastic. So which is best for you and your garden plant? At Rushfields we find it important to plant the right plant in the right container. No matter what your taste is, first you have to make sure you choose a container with a hole in the bottom, for water drainage. Garden plants, and humans too, don't like wet feet. If you water your garden plants too much water, it absorbs the right amount of water but needs to get rid of the extra water by drainage.

Choose the right pot for your garden plants

Terracotta has the look of a richly organic traditional material, yet you'll find angular modern designs among the traditional clay in our garden centre. You can improve your terracotta containers by dying them in a cheerful colour. Use a paint sprayer to paint your containers quick and easy. Silver or golden containers make your garden look chic and modern. Choose the right garden plants with your containers and create a dazzling display.

Terracotta pots are heavier, and also have porous sides, allowing air and water to pass through and letting plants' roots 'breathe'. This means you'll need to water more often: lining the inside with plastic (punched with drainage holes) helps. You'll find pots in our garden centre are labelled 'frost-resistant' so they won't flake or crack in the cold: putting them up on pot 'feet' also helps prevent frost damage.

Terracotta pots - Rushfields

Plastic containers at Rushfields

Pros of plastic pots:

  • Plastic is light and lasts ages, and there's a dazzling range in our garden centre. Modern plastic finishes can look almost identical to terracotta, so you can still get the traditional look.
  • They hold on to water more easily, needing less watering and a perfect environment for plants like blueberries which like to sit in damper compost. Drought-lovers like Mediterranean herbs, though, prefer terracotta.

Plastic and terracotta pots - Rushfields

Get your containers at Rushfields

Want to show off your garden plants by placing them in a lovely container? Go for it! Find your colourful plastic or romantic chic terracotta containers at Rushfields near Brighton. Please ask the staff in our Poynings, Sussex garden centre for more information and advice about choosing between plastic or terracotta containers for your garden. Plan your route to the garden centre. We look forward to welcoming you!

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