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Wellie wisdom

Putting on a pair of wellies before getting started in your garden is pure wisdom. Nothing beats the feeling of pulling on a pair of good old Wellington boots. We have a wide range to choose from in our garden centre. They all offer a great amount of protection and will fit you like a glove.   

How to choose the right pair of wellies

Do you remember jumping in a puddle while wearing your wellies when you were a kid? Relive your old memories by buying a new pair of wellies, as your old ones have become too small now to fit. But how do you know what wellies are the right ones for working in your garden? A few things to think about before buying wellies.

  • wear thick socks while trying on your wellies to allow for winter wear. Make sure your heels do not slip out when walking;
  • make sure you choose wellies with thicker moulded soles and multi-directional lugs. These help you grip better in slippery conditions. Reinforced soles and steel toecaps give extra protection while digging, but they are pretty heavy. Choose thinner, lighter soles when you want to use your wellies for everyday wear;
  • take a look at the lining of the shoe. Neoprene lined boots are warm and cosy, whereas Bamboo Carbon linings give your boots a natural finish. If you want the ultimate in luxury, you should choose leather lining, with full-length zips for easy access;
  • choose the colour or pattern you like best. For a classic style, there are plain green, black and brown boots. Do you want a funkier look? Choose one of the many patterns, that range from flowery to psychedelic.

A pair of wellies for every occasion

Of course, it is also good to think about how often and when you want to wear your wellies. Do you want to wear them while working on a farm or in the stables? Or do you want to look fashionable with your brand new wellies during a festival? Make sure you answer these questions before buying your boots. Workwear wellies should meet other requirements than wellies that you only wear once in a while. Buying the right wellies can be quite an investment, but since they are very durable and practical, they are totally worth it. Discover our wide range of Wellington boots and ask our staff at Rushfields in Poynings for advice on finding the wellies that are right for you.

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