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Artificial Christmas trees

If you love Christmas trees but you don’t want the mess of falling needles, an artificial Christmas tree can be the solution for you. Nowadays, artificial Christmas trees are so realistic that you can barely see the difference from a real Christmas tree. If you don’t like the hassle of setting up, decorating, and lighting your Christmas tree, a pre-lit and pre-decorated artificial Christmas tree could be something for you. Make this Christmas a picture-perfect holiday and buy the best artificial Christmas tree from our garden centre. We offer a wide range that differs in colour, height, quality, and width. We have a tree for any room.

Artificial Christmas tree stand

We offer a wide selection of luxurious, realistic-looking trees. If you want to set up your artificial Christmas tree, you need a tree stand to keep it in place. Tree stands for artificial Christmas trees differ from tree stands for live Christmas trees. The type of tree stand mostly depends on the height of the tree. All of our artificial trees include a tree stand. If yours is broken or you need a new one, you can visit our garden centre and our staff workers will help you pick a new one for you. We have both metal tree stands and plastic tree stands.

Tree stand artificial Christmas tree - Rushfields

Artificial Christmas tree with snow

For the ultimate Winter Wonderland feeling, we offer artificial Christmas trees with snow. We have stunning snow-covered trees that will steal the show on your favourite holiday decor. The branches are covered with frosted snow to bring the beauty of winter indoors. The snow on the tree's branches won’t melt and handles a heat source like a fireplace. The heavily flocked tips of the branches give your living room the look of freshly fallen snow. Let’s hope for a White Christmas so that we can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies in our favourite Christmas PJs.

Prelit Artificial Christmas tree

Tired of all the hassle with Christmas lightning strings that need to be untangled? It can be tedious to string hundreds of lights to your Christmas tree, especially when you have a tall tree. Prelit artificial Christmas trees make setting up the Christmas tree a lot easier. Since the lights are already attached, you will save more time arranging the baubles, tinsel and ornaments. We have several prelit artificial Christmas trees available in our garden centre. Choose the one that fits your decorating style and cheers up your display.

  • The lights on a prelit artificial Christmas tree are sustainable, energy-efficient LED, Micro LED or UltraBright Micro LED.
  • You can choose between the classic sparkle of clear white lights or the more jolly look of multicoloured lights.
  • Some prelit artificial Christmas trees let you control the speed, brightness and colour of the lights. This way, you can choose which look you want to give your Christmas tree to fit your festive mood.
  • Create Christmas magic with breathtaking light displays on your artificial Christmas tree. Shop our extensive collection of the best pre-lit Christmas trees and another holiday décor at Trowbridge Garden Centre.

White Artificial Christmas tree - Rushfields

Mini Artificial Christmas tree

If you don’t have too much space to store a large artificial Christmas tree, a tabletop Christmas tree is a good option for you. Mini artificial Christmas trees are perfect for the children’s rooms, restroom, bathroom, hallway, or small living room. Tabletop Christmas trees don’t take any floor space and can pretty much sit anywhere in the home. Place them on a fireplace mantel, sideboard, coffee table, windowsill, shelve, kitchen island or on your desk at your (home)office. We offer different mini artificial Christmas trees, like:

  • Mini Artificial Christmas tree with a red base
  • Mini Artificial Christmas tree with mini baubles, tinsel and decorations
  • Prelit mini artificial Christmas tree
  • Snowy mini artificial Christmas tree
  • Golden mini artificial Christmas tree

How to set up an artificial Christmas tree

We believe that Christmas should be hassle-free. Our artificial Christmas tree collection is very straightforward to set up. Every tree includes a simple guide that helps you to set up your tree in the right position easily, but if you’ve lost the guide, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to assemble an artificial Christmas tree:

  1. Setup the tree stand
  2. Assemble the sections (mostly 3 parts)
  3. Insert the bottom part
  4. Insert the next section
  5. Insert the last section

Dress out the branches after you’ve inserted each section of the artificial Christmas tree. If you have a tall tree, it’s easier to first dress out the branches before putting them into place. Once all the sections are assembled, stand back and walk around the tree to see if you’ve filled out all of the gaps.

  • Tip 1: You can use gloves to easily shape the branches without damaging the branches and hurting your hands.
  • Tip 2: If you have a tight space and the tree is going against the wall, just don’t dress out the back branches so that you can save space.

How to set up an artificial Christmas tree - Rushfields

Buy artificial Christmas trees in Poynings

Do you want to buy a beautiful artificial Christmas tree, and do you want to have a wide choice and good advice from the staff? Please visit Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings, Sussex and discover our range of artificial Christmas trees. Our Christmas centre offers all you need to have a magical Christmas. From all of us at Rushfields, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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