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Autumn plants

After summer is over, bright colours make place for warm and cosy autumn shades. Whoever said that autumn is a dull season, has never bought the right plants. Autumn plants boost your interior, garden and front door with a splash of colours in warm shades, such as red, orange, yellow and brown. Let your autumn be colourful and cheer up your garden and interior with our top 5 autumn-flowering plants.

Autumn plants

  1. Chrysanthemums come in a beautiful range of colours, from shiny lilac to brightly orange. Chrysanthemums are perennials that flower from June to November and love a sunny place in the garden. They’re suitable for both containers and planting in direct ground. We offer varieties such as ‘Emperor of China’, ‘Dixter Orange’ of ‘Dernier Soleil’.

  2. Heather (Calluna vulgaris) is a typical autumn plant that brightens up your entrance, patio or roof terrace. Heather produces spikes with pink, red, and white flowers. Heather is excellent for acidic soils, or rock gardens. If you want to plant heather in containers, make sure you mix the potting soil with sand to make the soil more acidic.

  3. Skimmia has it all: beautiful foliage, scented spring flowers and stunning berries in bright red to steal the show in autumn. This winter hardy plant comes in all varieties, but our favourite is the ‘Rubella’ with its shiny red berries, and the Skimmia x confusa 'Kew Green' is very popular as a container plant with its green yellow flowers.

  4. Hellebores is one of the most famous autumn and winter flower. It’s also called the Christmas rose. This evergreen plant is one of the most treasured perennials in the garden. These sturdy plants come in many varieties and will even conquer the coldest snowstorm.

  5. Silver Bush produces a zig-zag of hairy, silvery spikes that creates a mysterious appearance. This plant is beautiful all year round and is therefore very useful in hanging baskets, plant arrangements and rock gardens.

Autumn plants - Rushfields

Autumn is the perfect time to plant new plants

Plants need time to establish their root system. If you want your plants to grow a strong root system before winter kicks in, you should start planting plants in autumn. Soil temperatures are still warm enough to encourage root growth, and milder temperatures reduce water stress. Autumn is ideal to plant tiny seedlings, large trees, spring-flowering bulbs and perennials. They have enough time to grow a strong root system before winter starts. The rule for planting perennials is you can plant them all year round, as the ground is not frozen.  

Plant flower bulbs in autumn - Rushfields

Buy autumn plants at Rushfields

If you want your garden to look fantastic in spring, you should start planting garden plants in autumn. We have a wide range ready to be picked. From lovely border plants to garden flowers, and many more. Also, if you want to give your autumn garden a colourful boost, enter our garden centre in Poynings to buy some autumn plants. We are delighted to show you around at our plant centre. Hopefully, we see you soon in Poynings.

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