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Birdhouses and bird tables

If you want to create a bird paradises, birdhouses and bird tables are indispensable. Birdhouses and bird tables come in many different styles and sizes. We offer traditional standing wooden bird tables to conveniently sized ones that fit onto your window or balcony. Offering food and water to the feathered wildlife in your area is not only good for the variety of birds but also attracts other wildlife to your garden. This way, your garden becomes the place for many birds to visit, and for you to enjoy! You can find our assortment birdhouses and bird tables at our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex.

Large assortment of bird accessories

In our assortment, you will find a wide range of birdhouses and bird tables for your garden. Our bird accessories vary in materials and styles so that there is always a perfect item to suit your style. About our bird accessories:

  • The bird tables in our assortment are sturdy and easy to assemble;

  • All birdhouses and bird tables that require assembling are supplied with full instructions and the screws required;

  • All of our bird accessories are easy to clean.

Assembling and taking care of the birdhouses and bird tables is peanuts – which are, by the way, a real treat for many urban and rural birds. Discover our bird food and bird feeders and offer your garden birds a fabulous meal.

Birdhouses and bird tables - Rushfields

How to attract nesting birds

Nesting birds are adorable to watch, especially when the time comes for the babies to fly out. Placing birdhouses in your garden or on walls is the best way to attract nesting birds. To attract nesting birds it is important to:

  • Select a good nesting location. This is different for specific birds. Where bluebirds prefer birdhouses in open areas, chickadees prefer to build their nest protected in, for example, a small tree. Look up which birds are present in your area or ask our experts in our garden centre for advice on where to place your birdhouse;

  • Use the right size of the birdhouse. This, too, is dependent on the bird species you are looking to attract. As would make sense, small birds need small houses, whereas larger birds require larger houses;

  • Check the entrance hole and hang the birdhouse at the right height. These choices will also depend on the species present in your area, for different species of nesting birds require smaller or larger entrance holes, and prefer their nest at different heights.

There are, thus, many aspects to bear in mind when placing your birdhouse. Our experts at our garden centre can tell you more about what the best place for your birdhouse is, depending on your garden and the species in your area!

Garden accessories at Rushfields Plant Centre

At Rushfields Plant Centre, we have everything for your garden, from plants to birdhouses and bird tables. You can find our entire assortment at our garden centre in Poynings. Our team at our garden centre is happy to give you all the information you need for your garden projects. Please ask one of our team at Rushfields Plant Centre for more information and advice about the best birdhouses and bird tables for your garden. You find our opening hours on the contact page.

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