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The Well-dressed Gardener

A well-dressed gardener is prepared for all circumstances, whether it is raining cats and dogs or the sun is shining bright. The key to enjoying gardening is to stay comfortable whatever the weather. In our garden centre in Poynings we have everything to fill up your gardening wardrobe.

What to look for in a gardening coat

When working in the garden, a good coat is the key to staying warm and protected. What should you look for in a gardening coat?

  • waterproof and water resistant fabric: when the sky surprises you with a downpour, you want to be able to continue working without getting soaking wet. A waterproof coat is therefore a must;
  • lightweight material: wearing a heavy coat will complicate your gardening activities. That is why you should choose to wear a lightweight coat that is flexible and comfy;
  • firm and solid cloth: your coat should not only be waterproof but also thornproof. In this way, you will not have to worry about tearing your coat when pruning a prickly bush;
  • plenty of pockets: a coat with lots of pocket space enables you to keep your hands free while working.

Protect yourself from sunrays and raindrops by wearing a hat

Maybe you already own a sunhat made of straw to wear on beach days. But the wide-brimmed leather, suede or waxed cotton hats in our wide range of gardening clothing will provide maximum protection. These hats keep the rain from running down your neck and getting in your eyes. You will also find lots of lighter canvas sun hats that will protect you from the sun on hot days.

Wear layers of clothing to stay flexible during a hard day of working

When you are digging hard one minute and doing some light pruning the next, it can be hard to decide on which clothes to wear. We recommend you wearing multiple layers to make sure you trap warm air efficiently. Moreover, you can take off a layer of clothing when you are getting too hot. Thus, you are prepared for every type of weather.

Put on gardening boots to support your feet

A sturdy pair of lace-up waterproof gardening boots is indispensable, whether it is winter or summer. Gardening boots provide your ankle with the right amount of support and prevent you from losing your grip when walking on a slippery underground. Last but not least, steel toecaps protect your feet against stray fork tines while digging. Do you want to know more about finding the best gardener’s outfit? Visit our garden centre in Poynings and find out what we have in store for you.

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