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Bird care

At Rushfields we care for birds. If you love your garden, you may also love the wildlife in your garden. Butterflies, bees and birds, all kinds of animals you see when you have a garden full of plants and flowers. A busy bird is a happy bird. So, keep the birds busy by feeding them through a specially designed bird feeder. This is important to make sure the birds get the right amount of food. Want to know how you can take care of our feathered little, sometimes not so little friends? We have several sorts of bird food at Rushfields to feed the birds well, all year long. Every season needs its own kind of food, during winter more fat bird food is needed, during spring they need high-protein food, and in summer you can help the birds by placing bowls with water in your garden. 

Feed birds all year round

It is important to feed birds in the garden all year round. Want to know what to feed your birds? Go check out our news item about How to care for garden birds in winter. At this time of the year, when natures larder is almost empty, it is especially important to keep the feeders topped up, it will help the birds maintain a higher level of body fat to see them through until spring. At Rushfields we have an amazing range of food and feeders, something to satisfy every visitor to your garden this winter, whether it is peanuts or seeds or maybe something a little more substantial like some suet with winter berries. If you create a feeding station and you stock it repeatedly, your garden becomes a known feeding station. Birds will come back sooner and bring friends with them.

Bird care - Rushfields

Feed birds a variety of food

Attract more types of birds by placing several different feeders in your garden. Blackbirds like mealworms, Goldfinches like sunflower hearts and Nyjer seeds and Dunnocks are a big fan of peanuts. Don't be afraid that the larger birds will steal the food from the smaller birds, nature regulates this in a natural way. Never feed the birds salted peanuts, this will upset their stomach because they're not used to salted food in the wild. Make sure you buy the right variety of bird food. Come to Rushfields to ask one of our friendly staff about the best food for bird care or read the article about how to care about garden birds in winter. We have a large section for bird care. Come visit the plant centre and choose your own bird care food to create great wildlife in your garden.

Feeders for bird care at Rushfields

Of course, you need something to put the feed on or in, we have a feeder for all of the different types of food that we sell from fat Snax to Nyjer seed. Sometimes it's helpful to place a feeder that's not easy for birds to get food out.  In this way, you challenge them and that will keep a bird busy. And as we all know a busy bird is a happy bird. We even have some feeders that really challenge the squirrels, if you want to create more wildlife in your garden, place feeders with nuts, seeds or other kinds of food we offer at Rushfields. So next time you are looking for something for our feathered friends, be sure to visit Rushfields your one-stop bird care shop.