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Bergs Potter Pots

The Bergs Potter collection is made from high-quality materials and premium clay. The amazing handmade pottery is created in Tuscany and is now available at Rushfields Plant Centre. We already had amazing plants available in our plant centre, which asked for a fantastic pottery to match. We've found this brand and we are beyond happy to offer these quality pots. The proper drainage in combination with the elegant shape of the pot makes this the ideal pot for every house, and garden plant. Visit our garden centre in Poynings to discover the great collection. Our staff is delighted to help you find the right pot for your house or garden plant. 

Bergs Potter high-quality pots

The three natural colours of the Bergs Potter, are cream, rosa, and grey. These classic colour fit in every garden and in every room. The colours are inspired by Scandinavian trends in decor and design. The clay handles high temperatures, which gives the pots a natural strength. Thanks to a special treatment, the pots are completely waterproof, which makes the pots suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, the pots are frost resistant, so you can leave your hardy garden plants in the garden during winter. 

Bergs Potter pots - Rushfields

Bergs Potter collection

At Rushfields Plant Centre, we now have Bergs Potter pots available. In our collection, you find famous models like Helena, Julie, and Copenhagen. The Scandinavian inspired designs, and colours match wonderfully with every house or garden plant.

  • The Copenhagen, also called Castle Pot has beautiful half circles on top of the edge that look like a castle tower. The pot comes in three colours, grey, cream, and rosa, and is available in several sizes. The Copenhagen Castle Pot is perfect for succulents, olive trees, and herbs for the garden. 
  • The Helena pot is made of quality clay and has a soft and classic look because of the rounded edge. Perfect for cactuses, Lavender, and flowering garden plants like Lobelia.
  • Parade pots are classic, smooth and fit every garden plant. Match the Parade pots with big cactuses, as well as flowering garden plants. 

Bergs Potter shop location

Shop the newest, finest, and most decoratively pots of Bergs Potter at Rushfields Plant Centre. We have many colours, and sizes available. Discover the styles and mix your houseplant and garden plant with these amazing pots. The high-quality Bergs pots are available in our plant centre in Poynings. Plan your visit to our garden centre and get your supplies at the Farm Shop, buy composts in the Plant Centre, and discover the Alexander Rose garden furniture collection. Our staff is always willing to help you find the products you look for. Visit our plant centre in Poynings. We look forward to welcoming you. Plan your route to our garden centre via the contact page.

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