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Flowering houseplants

Looking for flowering houseplants near Brighton? Don't look any further, we have the most colourful flowering houseplants for you. A flowering houseplant brightens up your interior and adds scent to your interior. With their beautiful green leaves and their wonderful blooming flower, flowering houseplants are real eye-catchers in your interior. Some flowering plants look like they need a lot of attention, the opposite is true. Flowering houseplants don't need a lot of maintenance if you just feed them the right amount of water and give love. Find our favourite flowering houseplants at Rushfields and choose your own favourite.

Take care of flowering houseplants

Flowering houseplants only ask for basic attention. To enjoy your flowering houseplant as long as possible, you should keep your houseplant humid, you can accomplish this by regular misting. Most flowering plants are easy to grow. You need to make sure you place them in a sunny spot, most flowering houseplants like sunlight, they often don't need direct sunlight, as their leaves will burn from the sun. So, choose wisely when you place your flowering houseplant in the windowsill. Also, don't place them in the corner of a dark living room. Flowering houseplants rather have more daylight than dark days. Think of watering your flowering houseplant every one or two weeks. Just make sure you keep the soil humid but beware of giving your houseplant wet feet. 

Popular flowering houseplants at Rushfields

  • 1. African violet

African violet flowering houseplant - Rushfields

This beauty comes in purple, pink and red. We often grow them outside, but this type of violet is ideal to grow as a flowering houseplant. These African violets should be kept moist and maintain humidity. African violets grow all-year round if you give them warm water instead of cold water. They mostly like watering directly on the soil instead of on the leaves. Take care of them carefully and you will enjoy African violets as long as you want to.

  • 2. Begonias 

Begonias flowering house plant - Rushfields

Begonias are also known as garden plants. But if you give them a light spot in your living room or bedroom, they will maintain a long time. But do not place it too close to a window or it could be harmed by the draft. Just as most of the flowering houseplants, you should keep the Begonia humid. Take care of your Begonias very seriously, and they bloom beautifully!

  • 3. Bromeliad

Bromeliad flowering houseplants - Rushfields

Bromeliads have beautiful green leaves with a sparkling colourful flower on top. These flowers come in tropical orange, pink and red. Watering a bromeliad is a typical process, the centre of a bromeliad is called a tank or cup. This particular plant will hold water in its tank. You should fill the tank with water and don't allow it to get empty. This means you should water the bromeliad at least every week, just check the tank or cup weekly, if it's clear empty, fill it with water, if there's still water in the tank, wait with watering.

  • 4. Geraniums

Geraniums flowering houseplants - Rushfields

Geraniums maybe have an oldfashioned image, geraniums aren't one of the most popular houseplants, most of the time we grow geraniums as outdoor plants. Is it impossible to grow them indoors? Definitely not! We selected the geranium as one of our favourites because of their wonderful flower. Geraniums love sunlight, they don't mind absorbing hours of direct sunlight. Only water the geraniums when the soil feels dry. Avoid overwatering!

  • 5. Poinsettia

Poinsettia flowering houseplants - Rushfields

This tropical winter plant requires light, water, warmth and protection from drafts. Most people grow houseplants close to the window, and close to a heat source. This is though for a houseplant and by placing them nearby a heat source, they will suffer from the draft. Not only during the Christmas period poinsettias are beautiful, but you can also grow them during the colder months like January, February and March. And did you know that poinsettias also come in white? Create a winter wonderland indoors by bringing in poinsettias!

  • 6. Peace lily

Peace lily flowering houseplants - Rushfields

The peace lily is a calm, green and all-year-round flowering houseplant. The peace lily is low-care and inside your house, it can live without water for days. Peace lily’s beautiful white bracts and tiny flowers flourish in low lighting conditions. So, you don't have to put them in a window-sill for example. The peace lily also removes toxins from the air, this means it also has an health benefit.

  • 7. Orchids

Orchids flowering houseplants - Rushfields

Orchids are one of the oldest, most popular houseplants. They come in all sizes and shapes. Choose your perfect orchid from every colour you can think of and bring your own orchid home. This list of flowering houseplants wasn't complete if we didn't name the orchid. So, last but not least: the orchid!

Flowering houseplants at Rushfields

Now you know which flowering plants are our favourites, it's time to come over and choose your own flowering plant to brighten up your house. We are always willing to help you find the right flowering houseplant. You don't want a flowering houseplant, and you prefer a foliage houseplant? No problem, find your perfect foliage plant at Rushfields.

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