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Hats for horticulturists

Hats for horticulturists are multifunctional. When your precious hour of gardening time coincides with a downpour or a heatwave, a hat to deflect the water or sunlight is a godsend. Our hats withstand sun and rain, so you can carry on gardening whatever the weather. Discover our wide array of hats and find out which one suits your gardening routine the best.

Leather and suede hats for optimum protection

When looking for a good gardening hat, you will find lots of hats made of leather and suede. These hats are very popular because:

  • they are good looking due to their ruggedness;
  • they are ideal when working in stormy weather. Designed for cowboys in the Australian outback, their wide brims are designed to fend off even the most torrential rain;
  • they are also perfect for gardening in hot temperatures. The wide brim keeps the burning sunlight out of your eyes.

Cotton hats that keep the sun at bay

These convenient hats exist in various styles. The brushed cotton ‘bucket’ style hat has small rims which makes it easy to fold and tuck inside your pocket. This hat does not only prevent the sun from burning your head, it also wards off bugs and mosquitos. The waterproof waxed wide-brimmed hat has a really adventurous appearance. It keeps the sun from stinging in your eyes and will also come in handy when the rain starts falling. The light and breathable fedora hats are very fashionable to wear and shield you from sunstroke.

Cosy fleece hats to keep your head warm

You will also find warm fleece ‘beanie’ style hats in our collection. These hats are not only very cosy and warm, they also stop your hair from flying in your eyes on windy days. This makes them perfect to wear on a cold and windy winter day. When wearing this hat, your forehead and ears will be covered, keeping them warm and dry.

Gardening hats for every occasion

You can work in the garden all year round, as long as you have the right clothes. With our hats for horticulturists you will be prepared for every type of weather you will encounter. Whichever hat you choose, it should fit snugly around your head so you can bend upside down and it will not fall off - yet at the same time it should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable. If in doubt, please ask the staff in our garden centre in Poynings for more information and advice about choosing the hat that is right for you.

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