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Shade loving houseplants

Looking for a shade loving houseplant? You've decided that you want to place a green houseplant in your room or office. But you have one issue, there isn't much sunlight coming in. Well, there is an easier solution than making a window in the walls. There are houseplants that love the shade. Come visit Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynigns, Sussex to find out which shade-loving houseplants fit your room best. Ask our friendly staff to find out which house plant will brighten up your interior without much sunlight needed. 

Houseplants that like shades

Shaded locations in offices or dark living rooms are though for living plants as houseplants. One solution for this is buying silk plants. These fake plants brighten up your room and don't need any watering or maintenance. But if you want a living houseplant in your office or dark living room, it can be very hard to find a houseplant that won't die after two weeks. Well, at Rushfields we made a list of houseplants that like shades. These plants don't need direct sunlight to grow, they maintain by water and a little love from the owner. Sounds great right? Find your perfect shade-loving houseplant and cheer up your interior.

List of shade loving houseplants

Find this list of house plants that can tolerate low light situations. Especially office buildings need shade-loving houseplants as they have to spend weekends, holidays and vacations alone at the office. Fluorescent light bulbs can work as a substitute for natural sunlight, these lights give heat and artificial light, but this is enough for these shade-loving houseplants to grow and maintain.

  • 1. Areca Palm
  • 2. Epipremnum or Pothos
  • 3. Spathiphyllum
  • 4. Philodendron Monstera
  • 5. Zamioculcas zamiifolia (or ZZ plants)

Ask our staff in the plant centre about these shade-loving plants and fill your house with green, love and friendship. You can visit us in Poynigns, Sussex of giving us a call.

Shade-loving Monstera plant - Rushfields

Easy care for indoor shade houseplants

How to take care of your indoor shade houseplants? Well, despite they can tolerate low sunlight, you have to make sure that they will get a bit of sunlight. They don't need to be put in the window-sill, but they definitely don't want to be placed in the basement. So, you have to find the houseplants a place that is half-shaded and you shouldn't forget to look out for them. Ask our staff for the precise amount of water they need a week. But keep in mind that shade-loving houseplants don't like wet feet. Make sure you keep the soil moist but beware of giving too much water. Get rid of the brown leaves and re-pot your houseplant when the growth stops and they need a bigger pot. 

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