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Veg for containers

Do you want to grow your own vegetables, but do you have limited space available in your garden? We have a special product range with vegetables for containers so even with limited space you can enjoy your own vegetables! You will see how you can turn your patio garden or even a handkerchief-sized garden into your own vegetable garden as well, with just a few adjustments. We're happy to help you along the way, so soon enough you'll be enjoying fresh harvested vegetables. 

5 steps to make your vegetable garden in containers work

How to kick-start your vegetable garden with only a few containers? We have 5 tips to help you to have great harvests every year!

  • The bigger the better: bigger pots are definitely better because the space enables the roots to spread out.  You will find plenty of pots in our garden centre so you can find the right fit for certain plants. The more the roots are able to spread, the happier they will be. You will find your containers for vegetables in our Garden Centre.
  • Mix and match in the same pot: don't be afraid to combine certain vegetables in one pot together. For example if you combine quick-growing carrots around tall spinach to double your harvest!
  • Always give enough water: if there is one key advice it would be to never let containers go dry. One of the main reasons for poor harvest is a lack of water. Especially during summer you can water daily and provide weekly liquid feed. 
  • Use your walls: if you use the walls around your garden, this gives you twice the space to play with. Troughs along the walls and fences hold climbing beans and nail trellis to the wall support their growth.
  • Variety is key: Of course it's important to use the vegetables that won't outgrow the pots. Especially vegetables with shallower roots like beetroot work best. Try to only use the varieties that are especially for pots. The keywords you can look for are 'patio' 'dwarf' or 'container' on seed packets. 

Of course you can always ask our team at Rushfields Plant Centre for advice about growing vegetables in containers and how to take care of them. We can provide you with advice and tips all along the way including tips for harvesting, watering and the use of certain hand tools

Rushfields vegetables for containers Rushfields Plant Centre

Visit Rushfields Plant Centre for more information about growing vegetables in containers

We are open from Tuesday until Sunday and we're very happy to help you to grow your own vegetables even with limited space available. You will be surprised by the harvest that your containers bring and soon enough you'll be preparing delicious meals with colours and flavours that you never knew before. You're always welcome to ask us any advice or information in our garden centre, but you can also call us on 01273 857 445, or send an email to We look forward to welcoming you at Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings, Sussex.