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Have you always wanted to harvest your own vegetables from your own garden? It can be hugely satisfying to grow and harvest vegetables from your own garden. Once you start preparing and eating vegetables from your own garden, your tastebuds will be surprised! The flavours, the colours and the texture will be a real vegetable revolution which leaves you wanting to grow more and more of your own vegetables. That's why you're always welcome at Rushfields Plant Centre to find a great diversity of tools, seeds and extra's to help you out along the way. 

Everything you need to grow your own vegetables

If you're starting to grow your own vegetables, it can be quite challenging to find out which tools you exactly need to maintain a healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy vegetables. That's why we like to help and advice you at Rushfields Plant Centre, so you know exactly what to do to make your plants thrive. Feel free to ask our staff for any advice on special care, soil needs, or the timing of all the activities like sowing and harvesting. We are very glad to provide you with some tips and tricks along the way!

What do you need to get started with your own vegetable garden?

At Rushfields Plant Centre we have everything you need to turn your garden into a vegetable garden. There's a wide diversity available, but you can expect for example:

  • Seeds: from tomatoes, to carrots and lettucs, most vegetables are grown from seeds. Take a look at our wide range of seeds and find your favorite vegetables to grow in your own garden. 
  • Seed potatoes and sets: from early spring you will find seed potatoes, and onions, shallots and garlic from sets. These sets are easy to handle baby bulbs to plant straight into the ground.
  • Perennial vegetables: these include some special delicacies, such as asparagus crown, artichokes and more. 

Our staff in Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings, Sussex can always advice you about growing your own vegetables. If you're not sure which ones are suitable for a beginner's vegetable garden or have any other questions concerning new seeds, sets, or perennial vegetables don't hesitate to ask us for advice. Is your garden a bit too small for a vegetable garden? You could consider growing container vegetables for which we have all the tools as well! 

Rushfields Vegetables

Visit Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings, Sussex for all your vegetable garden tools and seeds

At Rushfields Plant Centre near Brighton we're open from Tuesday to Sunday and you're very welcome to find all your tools for your very own vegetable garden. You'll find the seeds, perennial vegetables and sets to grow your favorite vegetables at home. After a short while you'll notice how much flavours, textures and colours come from your own garden soil. We are happy to help you if you have any questions or concerns. You're also welcome to contact us by calling  01273 857 445, or send us an email to