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Wild roses

Wild roses are tough plants and tolerate a range of temperatures. Wild roses are tough, because they shruf off most pests and diseases. It is possible to grow wild roses in almost every garden in the UK! You can grow these wild roses in your garden and enjoy the freshest and purest roses. The beautiful flowers provide your garden with lots of colours and a sweet fragrance. We have drawn up a list of some of out favourite wild roses from the range in our plant centre. This way, it will be easier for you to choose your new favourite!

Top 5 wild roses

  • Sweetbriar (Rosa eglanteria): When it starts to rain, the fragrance of the Sweetbriar will get stronger. The cupped single flowers have a cheery pale-pink colour and add a little bit of romance to your garden. 
  • Winged thorn rose (Rosa pteracantha): Although most wild flowers are pink, this Winged thorn rose has flowers that are delicate white. If you are looking to secure your gate or shed; don't look any further! The Sweetbriar has menacingly sharp thornes that are visible by sight.
  • Rosa moschata: The simple, white flowers will appear in September or mid-October. This way, you can enjoy these roses when all the other plants go to sleep. 
  • Geranium rose (Rosa moyesii): The Geraniuim rose has single flowered blooms in a wonderful red colour, followed by extraordinary hips. 
  • Burnet rose (Rosa spinosissima): This rose is a low-growing plant,  smothered in simple white flowers all summer. The flowers are followed by marble-sized gleaming round near-black hips through autumn.


Taking cuttings from wild roses

There are many ways to take cuttings from wild roses, but our gardening experts will tell you their two favourite ways to do it. Firstly, it is possible to take cuttings from wild roses by putting the clean cutting into a jar filled with water, a bit of sugar and a tiny bit of crushed aspirin. When the roots are long enough, plant them in moist soil. Secondly, you could also put the clean cutting directly in moist soil. Make sure to cover the plant with a glass jar. As we told you before, there are many more ways to take cuttings from wild roses. You could try a variety of ways and see what works best for your roses!

Wild roses at Rushfields Plant Centre

If you need more information about planting or pruning wild roses or how to take care of wild roses; please aks the staff in our plant centre or contact us through phone or email. Our gardening experts are more than happy to give you advice about the wild roses in your garden. At Rushfields garden centre we have a broad variety of wild roses and we are sure you will find one to add to your garden or balcony. Especially if you are not the best gardener, wild roses are quite easy to maintain and don't get sick very often. Wild roses are a good plant to add to every garden. We hope to see you soon in Rushfields Plant Centre!

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