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Roses for scent

Roses are known for their sweet and delicious fragrances; however, some roses are way more fragrant than others. The seet, sultry scent of the rose is very well known in perfumes, soaps and body mists. At Rushfields Plant Centre it is possible to transform your garden into a rose garden filled with this populair, sweet odor. Growing roses in the garden means your garden will smell delicious! Our gardening experts have picked five of their favourites to inspire you! 

Top 5 most fragrant roses

In our garden centre you will find dozens of richly fragrant roses to choose from. We have drawn up a list of our five favourite roses with a strong smell. This way it is easier for you to choose a new rose for in your garden!

  1. 'Zéphyrine Drouhin': This deep pink climbing rose can reach up to 4 meters! However, you can also use it in the garden as a shrub to create more privacy. You will be able to smell the lovely, heady scent from far away. This thornless rose has deep pink roses and prefers warmer climates. 
  2. 'Mme Isaac Perreire': This rose has a powerful but delicious fragrance. The vigorous schrub has big, cup-shaped flowers and is one of the most romantic garden roses.
  3. 'Gertrude Jekyll': Are you looking for roses that start flowering as early as possible? This English rose is the perfect fit! The Gertrude Jekyll' is a combination of the old-rose perfume and look, but is strong and disease free like most modern plants. The old-fashioned smell is what you expect a rose to smell like.
  4. 'Graham Thomas': This rose was voted world's most popular rose and we can understand why! The Graham Thomas rose is a yellow rose with a deliciously fresh fragrance. Get yours now at Rushfields Plant Centre. 
  5. 'Roseraie de l'Hay': Double, deep wine-red flowers with a spicy, clove-like scent: the Roseraie de l'Hay is perfect for every garden. 


Taking care of roses in your garden

Taking care of roses is easier than you might think! The most important is a sunny spot in the garden: roses adore sunshine and need sun for a minimun of six hours a day. This could be hard in the UK, but with some extra care your roses will be fine! Fertilize them on a regular base and keep the soil moist. If you put the roses in a pot: make sure that the pot has a drainage-hole to let the extra water escape. Need more information about planting roses or pruning them? Come and visit our garden centre. 

Scented roses at Rushfields Plant Centre

If you have any questions about scented roses or if you need advice: please ask the staff in our plant centre or contact us through phone or email! Our gardening experts are more than happy to give you more information about the possibilities in your garden. Did you know that it is possible to cut your garden roses and exhibit them inside your home? If you pick scented flowers for cutting, your home will smell like a beautiful rose garden. We hope to see you soon!

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