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Gloved up

Using gloves is essential when working in the garden. Whether you are weeding viciously spiny brambles or picking caterpillars off your cabbages: your hands could definitely use some protection. In our garden centre in Poynings you will find gloves for every occasion, so you can always pick the right pair for the job at hand!

Keep your hands safe and clean while gardening

Every gardening job asks for a different type of gloves. When you are pruning roses you will need other gloves than when you are transplanting seedlings. These are the most frequently used gardening gloves:

  • waterproof garden gloves with fingers and palms covered in rubber;
  • cotton gloves;
  • leather gloves;
  • rubber gloves;
  • nylon gloves.

Cotton garden gloves support you while doing light tasks

Gardening gloves can be of great help even when doing the lightest tasks. Wear cotton gloves while mowing the lawn or clearing away leaves from pathways. These gloves are lightweight and quite flexible, making them really comfortable to wear. Furthermore, they are generally inexpensive.

Leather gloves protect you against spiny shrubs

Tackling brambles and pruning your berberis can be a tough job when you are not gloved up. You will need heavy-duty gloves to handle these prickly shrubs. Gloves made of leather will offer you the protection you are looking for, preventing nicks and cuts. Goatskin leather is the best type for gardening, because the material is flexible yet firm.  

Use general purpose gloves to carry out regular gardening jobs with ease

When weeding, pruning and planting out, some type of protection can be of great comfort. In our garden centre, you will find snugly-fitting gloves with waterproof coatings, making them ideal to work with in rainy weather. Choose from a wide array of materials, from foam Latex to warm Neoprene. The reinforced palms prevent wear and tear from spade handles and the breathable fabric avoids sweaty hands.

Rubber gloves keep your hands dry and comfortable

Some gardening tasks are just not very agreeable when you have no gloves to protect you. Working with wet soil or wet leaves for example. Use rubber gloves to stay dry during rainy days or while performing wet gardening tasks. Furthermore, these gloves provide extra grip, so you will perform any dirty tasks you have at hand quickly and easily. Is it starting to get cold outside? Look for gloves with Thinsulate thermal linings to keep you warm.

Perform delicate weeding jobs with nylon garden gloves

Fine jobs like transplanting seedlings or deadheading flowers require delicate gloves which offer enough grip. The best gloves for these occasions are made of stretchy nylon Spandex. Many of these gloves have a Nitrile coating, making them waterproof. They are superbly thin and they fit like a second skin. Are you not sure what type of gloves you need? Ask our staff at Poynings, they are happy to help you out!

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