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Roses for cutting

What if you could fill up vases in your own living room every day, without going to a flower shop? If you grow your own roses for cutting, this could be your new reality. Roses add a luxury feel and come with a dripping scent. There are a lot of different roses you can choose from, but our gardening experts have set up a list of their favourite ones. Before you pick a rose to plant in your garden, you will have to know the answer to the following question: what makes a garden rose a good cutting rose? After reading this article you will be ready to plant the perfect rose for cutting in your own garden!

What makes a garden rose a good cutting rose?

In our garden centre you will find a bright variety of garden roses, but which types are best for cutting? And what makes them suitable? In order to enjoy cutting roses for as long as possible, it is important to buy gardening flowers that will last long. Of course, all roses look lovely in a vase, but to really impress your visitors look for roses with sturdy, long stems, a delicious scent and bright colour. 


Top 5 roses for cutting

Here are five of our favourites from the range in our garden centre:

  • 'Princess Alexandra': Are you looking for roses that will last over a week indoors? Princess Alexandra is the perfect match. This garden rose is one of the best cutting roses. The single headed flowers on long stems will transform your living room into a rose paradise. 
  • 'Charles de Mills': This rose not only stimulates your nose with the strong scent, but also your eyes. The beautiful colours will brighten up the room in a luxury way!
  • 'Iceberg': The white flowers just keep on coming! This garderning rose blooms nonstop from late spring to frost. The flowers will produce a light, sweet odor. 
  • 'William Shakespeare 2000': The William Shakespeare 2000 is a modern rose in such a dark crimson it looks almost black. This rose is disease resistant and chances are high you can keep it in a vase for a long time!
  • 'Souvenir du Docteur Jamain': This old-fashioned rose has been around for years and years, but is still a favourite today. 

Garden roses for cutting at Rushfields plant centre

Are you ready to fill your home with roses? Visit our garden centre and you will be surprised by the variety of options. If you need more information or advice about growing roses as cut flowers, please ask our gardening experts in the garden centre close to Birghton or contact us through phone or email. We hope to welcome you soon! Make sure to stop by our farm shop to explore the local and homemade products.


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