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Winter perennials

Although winter isn’t for the blossom and colourful gardens, at Rushfields, we offer winter perennials that cheer up your dull winter garden. Who says that perennials can’t bring joy tot he garden, is wrong. Discover our finest assortment of winter perennials at our garden centre. We show you which perennials survive the coldest winters and are though enough to get through a frosty winter. Perennials play an exuberant starring role in vibrant summer displays – but you may be surprised to know there are many which perform well into winter.

Winter perennials - Rushfields

Top 5 favourite winter perennials

In our garden centre we've got plenty of perennials to bring colour to the garden through even the coldest months: here are five of our favourites. We show you a list of garden plants that add scent, colour and silhouette to your garden! Don’t let the garden go bare and dormant over the colder months. We have everything you need for a glossy Winter Wonderland garden.

  1. Bergenia are also known as elephants' ears. There are many species of this true beauty. What about the ‘Winter Glow’, that is famous for its heart-shaped leaves. This plant is big, broad, has leathery leaves that appear in shades of red and purple in autumn and stay evergreen all winter. Fat flower spires top the display in spring. So, this perennial is an absolute must-have this winter. Visit our centre to discover the many varieties available.

  2. Heuchera is also called Coral Bells and is mostly chosen for its fabulous texture and colour. The foliage comes in every colour from lime green to deep purple: they have pretty flower spires in summer but in winter make bright splash of welcome colour. Here are some of our favourites: Stainless Steel, Electra, Fire Alarm, Forever Purple, Red Lightning, and Paprika. Explore these and many other varieties in our garden centre. Our staff is always willing to help. Ask them for advice.

  3. Hellebores are among our best-loved winter flowers. The lovely Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) isn’t just for the Christmas holidays. The Helleborus niger flowers in December while Helleborus orientalis starts blooming in early spring. Besides these two varieties, we offer many different colours to choose from. The handsome leaves are evergreen, so they add colour to your garden at any time.

  4. Snowdrops can’t be missed in any winter garden. They’re the first flowers to appear when there is still a layer of snow on the surface. Start the New Year with a smile with snowdrops in your garden. Snowdrops grow best under trees and shrubs. Are you looking for flowers that dance in the breeze? Find yourself outstanding varieties like Galanthus nivalis and the elegant G. Magnet. Our staff can show you many more varieties that cheer up the garden.

  5. Phlomis russeliana is commonly known as Jerusalem Sage or Turkish Sage. This plant comes from the North of Turkey where this plant grows in the woods. Phlomis russeliana is one of many perennials which holds architectural seedheads into winter, contrasting well with the equally sculptural winter remains of grass flowerheads. The evergreen large, soft heart-shaped leaves in combination with the yellow flowers in mid-summer makes this a keeper.

Winter perennials - Rushfields

When to plant winter perennials

We advise planting winter perennials in autumn. In this season, the ground is still warm, and the weather is best for plants. If you’re too late to plant winter perennials, don’t be afraid. We offer potted plants at our garden centre. These plants are grown at our quality growers and are ready to grow further in your gardens. The rule of thumb is: s long as it doesn’t freeze, you can plant winter perennials. So, make sure you have an idea of your frost time to know when to plant your perennials. If you plant perennials too late and a strong frost comes in, your plants are very likely to die. To avoid this, make plans to plant perennials. We can help you plan a fantastic winter border. Just ask our friendly staff at the garden centre.  

Buy winter perennials at Rushfields

Please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information and advice about perennials that look good in winter. You find our address information and opening hours on the contact page. If you have any question about our assortment, please give us a call. We are open six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays. We look forward to seeing you at Rushfields Plant Centre in Poynings, Sussex.

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