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‘There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes,’ goes the old gardener's saying. We agree that if you’re not properly dressed, you quickly get uncomfortable, making gardening a miserable experience. That is why here at Rushfields you will find all pieces of clothing to make gardening fun again. Visit our garden centre and cover your feet, hands, head and entire body with the best clothing you could wish for as a gardener!

Stay warm and protected by wearing multiple outer layers

When you go gardening, it is important to wear shirts with long sleeves and long trousers. By doing this, you protect yourself against powerful sun rays, insects and dirt. Other things to look for in your gardening outfit include:

  • loose trousers with pockets, so you can store away your mobile phone and move freely;
  • light coloured clothes to avert getting eaten by mosquitos. These annoying insects are attracted by dark coloured clothes, so it is best to avoid those;
  • long Australian-style trench coat when the weather is rainy and cold;
  • wax jacket with practical pockets so you stay warm and have all the things you need within arm’s length.

Make sure your feet are warm and supported by buying the right shoes

Boots are an essential part of the gardener’s armour. Choose from a wide range of available boots. Sometimes practical and easy-to-use wellies are enough. These are perfect in rainy weather, but do not offer enough support to last you through a long day of hard working. That is why you will also find sturdy lace-up gardening boots and classy leather call-length boots in our assortment.

Use gardening gloves to keep your hands clean

Gardening gloves are the solution when it comes to keeping your hands clean and dry. Moreover, they take the sting out of pruning roses and protect your hands from scratches and bugs. Sometimes second-skin lighter use gloves can be enough to keep your hands safe. But for really prickly jobs thick gauntlets are your best option.

Protect your head from the sun or the rain while gardening

Keep your head from getting overheated during a long and hot day of working in your garden. Of course using sunscreen is always a good idea. When you have long hair, wear it in a ponytail, bun or updo to protect your scalp. Furthermore, putting on a wide-brimmed gardener’s hat or straw boater keeps the sun off. A hat is also a great help during rainy and windy days. A fleece ‘beanie’ style hat stops the wind from whipping your hair into your eyes. Ask our staff in Poynings for more advice on the best clothing to wear when gardening.