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Late summer perennials

Late summer perennials are ideal for procrastinators and ravenous caterpillars. Do you still want to steal the show in late summer, but you get sad every time your colourful plants and flowers let you down. There's a spell in late August when the garden can hit the doldrums. Late summer is a tricky time when the main razzmatazz is over, and plants start to tire. The dazzling colours fade away, and the end of summer is remarkable close. At Rushfields Plant Centre we have perennials that also bloom in late summer. Choose from these lovely garden plants and make your border shine even in late summer.

Perennials for late summer - Rushfields

Perennials for late summer

Get the show going again with some of the many perennials you'll find in our garden centre which is at their best in late summer. The warmth decreases, days get darker sooner, and the ultimate summer feeling makes place for the back-to-school energy. Is August or September too late for perennials to bloom? Definitely not! What about late-blooming perennials that will blow your mind away. Check out our top ten late summer perennials and discover it yourself.

Top ten late-blooming perennials

Here are our top ten:

Perennials for late summer garden plant - Rushfields

  1. Helenium 'Moorheim Beauty' starts in July: its coppery-red daisy like flowers go on for months. You will definitely love these fiery fellows, they stand up high in a border and attracts attention wherever they show up. Fact: bees are fond of these beauties. 

  2. Phlox paniculata 'Mount Fuji' froths with fragrant white flowers into autumn. Star-shaped flowers that come in every colour, from pink to white and purple.

  3. Aconitum 'Sparks Variety' flowers till late September with spires of midnight blue. The shape of these flowers forms small butterflies with folded wings. They blink bright against green foliage or wooden fences.

  4. Plume poppy (Macleaya microcarpa) is a dramatic, towering perennial with handsome foliage. The soft-pinkish small flowers form a beautiful bloom that blows you away.

  5. Red hot poker (Kniphofia uvaria) has spires of tubular flowers from red to pale yellow, spice up your garden with these fragrant, fury flowers. These are real show stoppers. 

  6. Aster 'Little Carlow' is one of many Michaelmas daisies, with cheerful lilac flowers. Wherever you plant asters, they will always get attention. In the middle of a field of grass, asters are still a good idea.

  7. Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' carries pure white flowers on dancing stems till autumn. These lovely small flowers look at you, and you'll be sold immediately. Can you resist this unavoidable lovely look?

  8. Penstemon 'Garnet' has deep wine red foxglove-like spires till October. The trumpets grow with many flowers at one stem. The penstemon garnet contrasts beautifully with green grass. 

  9. Sedum 'Ruby Glow' tops succulent purple leaves with flat ruby-red flowerheads. You will never see such beautiful succulent in the garden. Combine this tropical perennial with other succulents or cacti and create a tropical display in the garden.

  10. Crocosmia 'Lucifer' produces fiery red sprays of tubular flowers from August. The flower looks like a dragon head that starts fire breathing at any time.

These ten superb perennials are available in our plant centre in Poynings, Sussex. Visit us and discover the world of late summer garden plants.

Late-blooming perennials garden plants - Rushfields

Late summer perennials near Brighton

Please ask the staff in our garden centre for more information and advice about perennials that look good in late summer. We look forward to introducing you to our late summer perennials collection. These stunning garden plants should not be overlooked. Plan your route to the plant centre on our contact page. Find your perfect perennials and enjoy endless Summer 2020.

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