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Perennials are plants that live for two or more years. They are generous, free-flowering plants that die down each winter only to bubble up again from spring, peaking in midsummer with a fireworks display of flowers. Whereas annuals die down after their growing season is over, perennial plants remain in the ground year after year. When you maintain them well, they will spread readily and fill your garden with more colour every year. Discover our beautiful perennials in the plant centre in Poynings, Sussex.

Popular perennials to plant in your garden

Out of the wide range of available perennials, it can be hard to select the ones that will fit your garden. That is why we will give you an overview of the most popular perennials that will fit in any garden.

  • Asters: daisy-like flowers with flower heads in the shape of a star. They bloom in late summer and are available in many colours, making them a lovely asset to your garden. Plant your asters from mid-to-late spring to make sure that they will not be frozen;
  • Hydrangeas: these perennials can be spotted frequently in mid-summer. They can be recognized by their colourful shrubs which grow back larger every year. That is why these flowers need a big and shady spot in your garden. Plant your hydrangeas in spring or fall;

Perennials Asters Hydrangeas - Rushfields

  • Peonies: beautiful flowers that diffuse a lovely fragrance. They should be planted in the fall in a spot where there is plenty of suns. These perennials bloom from spring until early summer;
  • Daylilies: these perennials come in thousands of different colours and shapes. They withstand harsh conditions, such as dry soils and polluted environments. Plant your daylilies in spring while temperatures are still cool.

Perennials Daylilies - Rushfields

How to take care of perennial plants

Of course, all perennials differ regarding the care they need. Still, there are a few things you should keep in mind when attending to your perennials, no matter what the type.

  • Plant your perennials in loose, well-drained soil and make sure you have added compost before putting it in the soil.
  • Water deeply during the first growing season, but make sure you do not drown your plants.
  • Most perennials do not need a lot of water.
  • Cut your plants back after flowering, because this will often give them a second flush of flowers.
  • Plant your perennials in threes or fives for the greatest impact. Drifts or groups of the same plant really catch your eye and demand to be noticed.

Garden plants - Rushfields Plant Centre

Perennials at Rushfields

Want to have a stunning display in your garden this Summer? Visit Rushfields Plant Centre for dazzling perennials that make your garden shine this year and in coming summers. Perennials have many advantages over annuals. Combine perennials with annuals for more colour, shape and size difference. Do you want more advice about taking care of your perennials? Ask our staff at Rushfields, they would love to help you!

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