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    Garden lighting

    Garden lighting transforms your garden into an outdoor living room, so you don’t have to go inside just because the sun is gone. Use clever garden lighting after dark to turn your outdoor space into a theatrical stage set full of mystery and romance. In our garden centre Rushfields in Sussex you will find a wide range of lights to make your night-time garden whatever you want it to be.

    Put your garden terrace in the limelight with spike or bollard lights

    Gardens deserve to be seen, even when the sun is long gone. Moreover, it can be quite useful to have a light on when you arrive home late at night and have to find the right key to put in your back door. Do you like to go running in the evening? Sit down in your garden to unwind and enjoy the twinkling lights on your terrace. There are various lights to put in your garden:

    • garden spike lights:
    • garden bollard lights:
    • floodlights;
    • spotlights;
    • in ground lights.

    Spike lights are very easy to install at any desired location, thanks to the spike which enables you to put it in the ground. Put them on the sides of your lawn to make sure that the path is visible at night or alongside flower beds. Bollard lights look a bit like tiny lampposts. They are usually around 2 to 4 feet high and shed light horizontally or downward to make sure your path, lawn or driveway is still perceptible after dark. Floodlights, as the name implies, flood your garden with light. They can light up large areas in your garden, making them very practical, not only for illuminating paths but also for shedding light on trees and other special features. Our garden lighting also includes spotlights that are perfect for highlighting details in your garden and in ground lights that are frequently put alongside driveways.

    Make your garden cosy with romantic garden lighting

    Although garden lighting can be very useful in a practical sense, it can also make a very romantic impression. For example, think about torches, flares or lanterns hung over a table to throw a gentle, flickering light on your date night. Or fasten a string of lights on your garden fence to create a cosy atmosphere. It is also possible to turn your swimming pool into an oasis of light with floating orbs and bowls filled with candles. Visit our garden centre in Sussex to find out what garden lighting suits you.