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Summer stars

These summer stars will make you realise that the spectacular bulb display you have been enjoying all spring, doesn't need to stop with the last tulip. Hundreds of beautiful summer-flowering bulbs keep your garden filled with colour and beauty until autumn. At Rushfields Plant Centre, we sell summer stars that brighten up your garden. Fill your beds and borders with summer-blooming flower bulbs. We offer a wide range, check it out at our garden centre in Poynings.

Summer bulbs that last long

Summer bulbs are usually very tender and cannot stand the cold. Still, they bloom beautifully during summer and will make your garden come to life. Some summer stars that cannot be wanting in your garden:

  • Alliums: a firework-like sphere of showy purple alliums will light up your border from May to July. The ‘Purple Sensation’ has tall drumsticks and starts to flower in mid-May. The ‘Globemaster’ is the biggest type of Allium and blooms from May until June. The low-growing Allium karataviense has a large flower head with dull pink florets and a mild fragrance;
  • Dahlias: in flower from June to autumn, the choice is as dazzling as the flowers themselves. Single-flowered dahlias mix easily into borders. Grow the scarlet ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ in moist but well-drained soil in a place where there is a lot of sun. The white ‘Twyning’s After Eight’ blooms from July until the first frost comes and will get 90 to 120 cm tall.
  • Lilies: Oriental lilies spread a lovely fragrance from mid- to late summer. Take for example the Lilium regale. Blooming from May to June, this trumpet flowered lily is a great asset to your garden. Brightly coloured Asiatics like the yellow ‘Grand Cru’ do not have a scent but manage to steal the show with their beautifully coloured petals.
  • Crocosmia: the flame-coloured crocosmia is super easy to grow and has handsome strappy foliage. Let these orange beauties light up your borders from July to September. Choose from a wide range of flowers, from the vivid scarlet ‘Lucifer’ to the crimson-splashed orange ‘Emily McKenzie’ and the buttery ‘Warburton’s Yellow’.

Summer stars Echinacea - Rushfields

Echinacea summer stars

Echinacea is the most sun-loving flower bulb there is. If you are looking for a summer star that will cheer up your garden when all colour has faded away, you should plant Echinacea. Echinacea must be planted in spring when the chance of frost is over. Add Echinacea to your summer border to add a splash of colour. Combine Echinacea with other summer stars. Echinacea is available in different colours. Besides the famous pink variety, we also offer yellow, red, orange and pure white varieties. During springtime, we have loads of summer bulbs available in our garden centre. Please contact us to make sure we offer your preferred summer flower bulb.

When to plant summer bulbs

Once you have chosen your favourite summer bulbs, it is time to plant them. Whereas spring bulbs should be planted in the fall, summer bulbs need to be planted in the spring. That is because summer bulbs are not as resistant to cold weather as spring bulbs. That is why they need warm soil and good temperatures. Don’t forget to water your bulbs once they are in the ground. Remove weeds to make sure that your bulbs are able to grow undisturbed. Contact our staff if you want to know more about planting and taking care of your summer bulbs.

Buy summer bulbs at Rushfields

Summer bulbs are available in spring at our garden centre. We offer large varieties and special species of summer stars. Besides the famous lilies and dahlias, we also offer not so mainstream summer-flowering bulbs like Achillea, Bletilla, and Coreopsis. Ask our staff for speciality bulbs. Visit our garden centre in Poynings and check out our huge summer stars assortment. If you have any questions, please contact us on 01273 857 445.

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