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Climbers are ideal for a small garden, a narrow balcony or a facade. Use climbers to cover walls, wooden fences, or a pergola. Also, if you have a large garden and you're fond of garden plants, climbers can't be missed in the garden. When you've crammed every inch of space on the ground with garden plants, the only way is up. Clothe your walls in greenery and smother your sheds in flowers to double your planting space and turn your garden into a green sanctuary from the outside world in sunny Rushfields. At Rushfields Plant Centre we have a wide range of climbers. Annual climbers, edible climbers, grapevines and many more. Visit our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex and reach for the stars this summer. 

Climbers - Rushfields

Popular climbers

Climbers are one of the most versatile groups of plants in our garden centre, and we've got an excellent selection for you to choose. Here are our favourites:
  1. Clematis come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny starry flowers of 'Pixie' to prominent, blowsy 'Rouge Cardinal'. Winter-flowering clematis has pretty seedheads while Clematis montana is a froth of flowers in April.
  2. Wisteria is the ultimate in show-off climbers with its head-turning racemes of headily scented flowers in early Summer.
  3. Star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) covers the uprights of pergolas and arches with glossy evergreen leaves and scented white flowers and never outstays its welcome.
  4. Honeysuckles are the perfect backdrop to a cottage garden, smothered in tubular flowers all summer and filling the garden with scent and punch-drunk bumblebees.
  5. Passionflowers are far hardier than they look, especially the stop-you-in-your-tracks purple fringed whirligigs of Passiflora caerulea.

Trailing plants

The opposite of climbers is trailing plants. If you have some boring containers in the garden that you want to cover, trailing plants are ideal for growing downwards. Trailing plants, also called 'spillers', grow over the edge of containers and show beautiful foliage, colours and flowers. Trailing plants are ideal for hanging baskets since some of them can grow far downwards. Trailing plants cover boxes, baskets and other flower pots, so it seems they flow in the air. Watch garden plants grow wild and enjoy flowers as you've never seen before. Whatever your wish is, at Rushfields, you find garden plants that highlight a feature, for example, a window, doorway, arch or picture frame. For example, train climbers to grow along the window by fixing wires to the wall. You will be amazed by the strength of these plants.

Evergreen climbers

If you want to enjoy beautiful foliage all year long, find our tips for evergreen climbers. The most popular evergreen climber is hedera ivy, hedera helix, hedera hibernica, hedera canadensis, hedera colchica dentata and so on. At Rushfields we sell a wide range of these evergreen climbers. Find your favourite in our plant centre. We look forward to showing you all our climbers that remain green all year long.

Hedera evergreen climber - Rushfields

Buy climbers at Rushfields

Want to fill your garden with beautiful, natural painters? Climbers cover your wall and make your patio, balcony or terrace look stunning. Want more privacy in your garden? Climbers are perfect for a natural fence. Planting climbers is an excellent way for keeping sneaky neighbours out in an appropriate way. Please ask one of the team at Rushfields for more information and advice about growing climbers. Plan your route to the garden centre at our contact page.